WA Health bribes scandal: fears have spread to other government agencies

CORRUPTION Watchdog John McKechnie fears that the lunch-before-bigger scandal scandal that spills WA Health may have already infected WA drugs and hundreds of millions of dollars of government contracts.

Research by The Sunday Times almost all 11 companies mentioned in the Thursday CCC report have a lucrative government allocation of several million dollars within a range of government departments.

Like a & # 39; shocked & # 39; McGowan's government quickly moved to suspend all future contracts with the companies, Treasurer Ben Wyatt said the scandal front & center & # 39; would be during the cabinet meeting tomorrow.

And in what will be a significant broadening of the probe, McKechnie urged departmental bosses to lead the way and "eradicate serious misconduct and corruption".

Most of the companies mentioned by the CCC have long been government officials. Their companies vary in expertise from construction to communication to environmental services.

  John Fullerton
Camera icon John Fullerton
  Phil Wood
Camera icon [19659009] Phil Wood

The CCC research – codename Operation Neil – revealed that the senior bureaucrats of the Department of Health, John Fullerton, David Mulligan and Shaun Ensor, acted corruptly when awarding lucrative tenders to a series of companies competing for contracts for North Metropolitan Health Service

Neil revealed years of free interstate and overseas trips, money-backers, long booze lunches, nightclub visits with hostesses and also a fake bill scam for the lavish renovation of Mr Fullerton's house.

According to the CCC report, a construction company, Fox United run by Mr. Philip Fullerton's old friend Philip Wood, the Health Department billed more than $ 10 million in the six years from 2 010 to 2016.

Fox United has also won contracts with a range of other departments, such as Child Protection and Finance, a search on the WA Tenders website.

Other companies caught in the health scandal – Howzat Constructions, Westside Fire Services, Latitude XL, One Fire Group, Gowdie Management Group, Aurora Project Group, Swan Group WA, QED Environmental Services and IT Communications – have won millions of contracts for sectors such as Justice, education, mining, housing and

  Shane Carey
Camera icon Shane Carey
  Liam Howard
Camera icon Liam Howard

Past November, Aurora Project Group received a contract from the Prime Minister and the Cabinet for the design of the Kardinya Electoral Council of Peter Tinley Housing Minister.

Two months ago, the company was also contracted by the WA Insurance Commission for an office integration, while One Fire Group signed a contract with the Ministry of Communities in March.

There is no malpractice in any of these non-North Metropolitan Health Service contracts.

WA Health also admitted that the three officials were running away with more than $ 600,000 in severance pay.

Mr. McKechnie said he "Reasonably expects" that corruption may only be "part of the story in WA Health and possibly other large organizations with significant purchasing activities worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

"The report provides more than sufficient material – and motivation – for directors-general and chief executives to cause and / or to conduct their own assessments and investigations to eradicate serious misconduct and corruption in their agencies," said he.

The CCC recommended criminal charges against the three senior health bureaucrats and 10 individual private contractors – Philip Wood, Natalie Bell, Anthony Wood, Anthony Williams, Wayne Robinson, Garth Delavale, Ian Tremain, L iam Howard, Shane Carey and Blaise Paris.

Mr. Wyatt said the government "will go through all of these contracts across the board and will review the nature of the payments".

"We will continue and try to get a better understanding of why this has been going on for so long, and what do we as a government need to do to be stricter for the checks and balances," he said. "It is really a shameful act."

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