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24 August 2018 18:05:49

Tony Abbott's sister, Christine Forster and NSW-independent Alex Greenwich were able to challenge the seat of Wentworth if it was evacuated by Malcolm Turnbull.

Voters in the blue-ribbon electorate, who were held by Mr Turnbull for 14 years, could soon go to the polls for an interim election after he declared that he would not "leave too soon".

Scott Morrison has today become the winner of the country's next leader after a leadership track that has uncovered tensions and changing loyalties within the liberal party.

A spokesperson for Ms. Forster, currently a liberal councilor in the city of Sydney, told the ABC that she was considering a tilt at Wentworth.

& # 39; She has allowed a few people to come to her to run away, & # 39; he said.

& # 39; She will consider it when and when the chair is released. & # 39;

Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich, who played a crucial role in last year's campaign for same-sex marriage, has also been approached.

"Many people urge me to run and offer their support generously," he said.

Mr. Greenwich believes that an independent party based in the community could win the seat.

"History shows that we are doing well in state and local elections."

"[The] the focus for me at the moment is the job I love as the member for Sydney in the NSW parliament. "

Another possible candidate is James Brown, the husband of the daughter of Mr. Turnbull and the current president of RSL NSW, but he went into speculation in a newsletter on Thursday.

"Let me be clear: I am fully committed to bringing this competition back as the organization par excellence for veterans and their families," wrote Brown.

Elder weighs in

The choice of who should act as a candidate will be crucial for the liberal party, acknowledges former leader John Hewson.

While Mr. Turnbull enjoys a margin of 17 percent, Mr. Hewson – who held the seat from 1987 to 1995 – warns that nothing can be taken for granted.

The electorate includes some of Australia's most expensive properties in prosperous suburbs, including Vaucluse, Bondi and Bronte.

But Mr. Hewson said it is also diverse.

"People concentrate on the rich end of the chair," he said.

"But in my time I was proud of the fact that I think I had the richest and the poorest people in the country in one place."

Liberals will also be wary of the sentiment of voters who have been deterred by the sloppy leadership concept.

"If the electorate wants to register a protest vote against the kind of infidelity that they have seen, there is a mechanism with which they can do it," said Hewson.

"You should watch for that."

Locals divided

The opinion is mixed in the streets of Wentworth.

While some residents said they were "devastated" by the deposition of Mr. Turnbull, others believed that he had "had his chance" and "engulfed energy policy."

The Greens will run the deputy mayor of Waverley, Dominic Wy Kanak, while Labor Timph, Tim's businessman, has chosen.

Mr. Hewson said that Wentworth included many traditional liberal voters, but also a large green element.

"A strong Independent, a strong Green [or] a strong Labor candidate could draw a lot of votes from a current or a new liberal candidate, "he said.



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