Great white shark gets dolphin meal seized by something even bigger

A video showing the violent, sudden death that the most deadly killers of the sea put in their prey has gone viral because viewers around the world see the competition for food that takes place between large white sharks.

On Wednesday, the Shark Watch South Australia group posted a video, watched by more than 200,000 viewers from Sunday, to its Facebook page with a direct encounter between two sharks.

"The incident involving two large white sharks ended in deadly conditions for a dolphin who was attacked and then once dragged the killed carcass away from their boat," said the group, according to Fox News.

Shark fins could be seen splashing before the prey, which had been in the mouth of the 10-foot shark, had been taken away by the larger predator. The 12-footed shark then began to eat the dolphin at a group of fishing boats.

The incident took place near Smoky Bay, Australia.

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(WARNING: video contains blasphemy.)

"My cousin took these pictures on my phone," said oyster grower Jason Darke, according to Perth Now.

"A smaller big white made the kill a bigger big white come from untrue and stole it out of his mouth," he said. "To clarify, no, we have not tried to touch it or catch it."

Are you afraid of a shark attack?

"A great white makes its catch just after a brutal natural predation on a dolphin," wrote Shark Watch South Australia.

On the YouTube page, the group said: "reaching hundreds of thousands of people in both South Australia and other parts of the country" helped it in its mission.

"That's what the Shark Watch campaign is doing with access to an archive of incredible rare natural encounters in our own backyard and sharing them so that the world can see the local communities aware of the presence of the sharks," wrote the group .

Although the images were fascinating, the danger of sharks can be real to humans.

On Wednesday, a man from New York was bitten by a big white shark on a Cape Cod, Massachusetts, beach, reported Fox News.

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William Lytton, 61, of Scarsdale waded about 30 meters off the coast near Truro. He got puncture wounds on his trunk and leg and was reported in serious condition.

The beach was closed after the attack.

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