Time-lapse of growing neurons wins 2018 Nikon Small World in Motion

This 40-second time-lapse video of a sensory nervous system that develops and grows neurons has won the Nikon Small World in Motion contest of 2018.

The video was made by Dr. Elizabeth Haynes and Jiaye "Henry" from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. It shows a zebrafish embryo that allows its extensive nervous system to grow in a period of 16 hours.

A "gentle light sheet" technology was used to capture the entire embryo in 3D with a high temporal resolution. The zebrafish embryo was allowed to naturally grow in water within a custom-made microscope.

"This is a much more challenging approach because the sample can easily come out of sight," says Nikon. "The conventional technique of assembling the zebrafish in a block of gel limits the growth of the embryo, which can influence the development of the neurons and results in a less accurate study."

A photo of the winner of the 1st place. Thanks to Nikon Small World in Motion.

"I hope people see this video and understand how much we share with other organisms in terms of our development," says Haynes. "A neuron is a neuron, and it is really amazing how much of the time development goes well when so much can go wrong, so much art is happening in science and nature and it is very special to watch. # 39;

(via Nikon via Digital Trends)

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