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With a rule of one sentence, the NFL adopted legislation in March to say: "It is a mistake if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent."

Outlawed: Under the "leading with the head" statement, the NFL made it illegal for a player to lower his head to make contact with the helmet.

Outlawed: Under the "leading with the head" statement, the NFL made it illegal for a player to lower his head to make contact with the helmet.

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Although NRL players do not wear helmets, the same rule may apply: the tackler must keep its head up and not down when making contact with the ball carrier.

This clearly applies to those collisions where the tackler and the ball carrier sit upright, the standard method of today, since low tackling goes the way of wool sweaters and heavy leather balls.

Napa escaped the penalty for the hit on Sims because the match review committee had trouble finding a rule to attack him. However, the contact could have been penalized under the catch-all "dangerous" approach.


The most brutal hit I've seen on a rugby league field was when Souths & Charlie Frith Wests & # 39; Billy Cloughessy in 1979 reached a test match at Redfern Oval.

The tip of Frith's right shoulder hit the Magpie prop flat on the mouth, making him fall to the ground like a crash manikin that collided with a stone wall.

Frith, like Napa, had the ability to put an opponent to sleep faster than Brahms & # 39; Lullaby. And, as with Napa's hit on Sims, Frith was not indicted. But Napa was beaten with a grade three charge for the McCullough tackle and pleaded guilty.

The decision of the competition review committee of the NRL to apologize to Napa for the approach of the earlier Sims, drew a critical response from NRL boss Todd Greenberg, who is aware of developments in the timeless Paul Rugby league Paul Broughton, the former CEO of the Gold Coast John was Quayle's special projects executive.


After the non-action of the NRL on the tackle on Sims, Broughton Greenberg warned for the NFL rule with leading with the head & # 39; and the NRL boss promised to pass on the information to the relevant manager.

Broughton says, "The NFL simplified the process by determining that lowering the head when confronting a ball carrier is a mistake, just as they have removed the gray area from contact with the kicker." In the NFL it is illegal to contact to do with the kicker until his kick foot touches the ground.

"The NFL has also extended the video replay process to investigate every tackle where player safety is a problem, we are in the concussion and we will live forever."

Annesley agrees. Aware of the American players' practice of using their helmets as missiles, he said: "The safety of players on the field must be in the minds of administrators."

Now, that's a heads-up for "armament."

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