Bolt can help the young guns of Mariners: coach

Mike Mulvey, coach of the Central Coast, is convinced that the relationship of his A-League club with Usain Bolt will be symbiotic, and says that the Olympic champion can learn a lot from his players about success.

Bolt officially started his test with the Mariners on Tuesday and completed a brief training session under the watchful eye of Mulvey.

The Jamaican sprint superstar is expected to play his first game on August 31st.

The club refuses to draw up a timeline about how long they will give Bolt to prove its worth before deciding to offer a contract or not, Mulvey declares that this can take up to 12 months.

Mulvey suggested that the presence of Bolt would be a blessing for his club and the local community, but also for the youngsters of the Mariners.

"This guest is a winner," he said at the Tuesday press conference.

"Eight gold medals at the Olympic Games, you do not only do that by having great power, you also do it by having a great mental capacity.

"If we can pass on a bit to my players, who come out of the basement and try to reach the top, this can be great.

"You do not lower your training standards when Usain Bolt walks through the door."

Mulvey used the example of young players Jordan Murray, Josh MacDonald and Matt Millar, who all won contracts with the club because of the strong form in the NSW National Premier League.

& # 39; They think how much can I learn from this guy, how much can he take me on my journey? & # 39; Mulvey said.

Central Simon-spire Matt Simon and off-season recruit Kalifa Cisse both noticed that Bolt already fitted well.

"He has a passion to become a footballer, many players know what that is about and we are really looking forward to seeing what he can do," Simon told reporters.

Bolt, who repeatedly stated that he does not want special treatment from the Mariners, made it clear that he wants to become friends with all his potential teammates.

"I've always said that one of my best moments is ever the 4×100 … getting to a team is great," he said.

"There will be a lot of complaining, lots of fun.

"I now learn the (team) rules, because there are many fines."

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