Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri gets David Luiz back out of confusion – football

David Luiz was surprised at his treatment under Antonio Conte, according to Italian successor Maurizio Sarri.

Luiz was an integral figure in Chelsea's title win in Conte's first season as boss, in 2016-17, but was barely dealt with after losing 3-0 to Roma on October 31 last year.

The Brazilian defender had the rumor that he had a fight with Conte and a series of injuries, not at all after the loss of February in Watford.

David Luiz, left, was

Sarri, 59, said: "Two seasons ago, he was a protagonist, and then he did not play six months ago, so he was a little confused. & # 39;

Luiz was the key to the revival under Sarri, a former banker with a sense of perspective.

Chelsea is undefeated with five wins and two draws and almost caused Liverpool's first loss on Saturday.

What Sarri likes about Luiz can be a trait that explains his exile under Conte.

The fun is reflected for Chelsea under Maurizio Sarri, says David Luiz

"He is direct, if he has to say something to the manager, he must talk to me," Sarri added.

"I really like direct people.

"When I arrived here immediately, I had the feeling that he is a very good player for my way of playing football because he is a center-back who is very technical.

"Then I appreciate his qualities as a man, he's really better than I thought before."

Luiz played well in the 1-1 draw of Saturday with Liverpool, the end of the 100% start of the Reds for the campaign.

The 31-year-old says that the positive approach of Sarri on and off the field is fertile for the Blues.

"Sarri gives us good luck to play football, we try to enjoy," Luiz told Chelsea TV.

"He gives us a lot of confidence, he shows us what he wants, he gives us the details about the game, he works hard in every situation and he is also a fantastic person.

"Every day he says to us" you have the best job in the world, so you have to enjoy ".

"You have to try to do this with a big smile, and many people in the world do not have this privilege."

The Blues ended the fifth final run, 30 points behind the champions Manchester City, but the impact of Sarri has reduced the excitement and led to suggestions for a title challenge, which the Italian renounced.

Eden Hazard's sixth goal of the season had looked like giving Chelsea all three points for Daniel Sturridge's late intervention.

Sturridge's 50th Premier League-goal for Liverpool saw the men of Jurgen Klopp avoid a first defeat of the campaign. Next for them in the competition is a home clash with City.

"Every point counts in the Premier League," said the former striker of Chelsea, Sturridge, on

"It is a great feeling to get a result for the team, we earned a draw, the absolute minimum, because we played well, had many chances in the first half and also a few in the second half, so I think that we finally got what we deserved. "

Mohamed Salah wrestled for Liverpool in Chelsea

Some of the missed opportunities had fallen with Mohamed Salah, who shined last season for the Reds, but went through a difficult night in his former club.

Klopp admitted that Salah would be frustrated, but the German hopes to lift the mood of his Egypt.

When asked if Salah was happy with his own performance, Klopp said: "Of course not, how could he be?

"That's a normal situation, now you have a manager for that.

"As long as he works when he works, I am completely in order."

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