Cherry-Evans gets veiled to Manly


When asked how the club can solve the mess it is in, Cherry-Evans suggested that everything was not far behind the scenes.

"I have pretty strong opinions about what happens," said Sea Eagles' captain.

"But now is not the right time to talk about it." Especially when it is much clearer, I am more than happy to talk about it. "

Only 6382 fans watched Brookvale for the club's last home game of the season on Friday night.


Manly fans voted this year with the average club presence on the ground only 8630 – the lowest since 1966.

because they are dealing with the expected approaching departure of Barrett, the club in the coming weeks should learn the fate of his salary limit.

The club has presented its case to the NRL court by profession after being fined $ 750,000 and was beaten with a limit of $ 660,000 for salary reduction.

The club is also forced to e discover negative reports about the sloppy exit of Jackson Hastings after his infamous Gladstone confronted Cherry -Evans has had.


It gives a disturbing picture for the Northern Beach Club and chief executive Lyall Gorman refused to speak to the media again after finishing oop of the game

"You will have to ask the administration about this", said Barrett when asked what to do to tackle the many problems of the club.

"From a coaching point of I keep doing what I can to make sure the players keep appearing and that is my responsibility to them.

" We are currently at a difficult time, without doubting, but is not one guy who can get you out, there are many things that should go well.

"Many departments need to grow well and everyone must be on the same page."



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