Intern Pete talks about his controversial question

A RADIO producer who is the most hated man in Australia & # 39; was mentioned when his badly timed stunt went viral for the wrong reasons, has described time as the worst experience in his life.

Intern Pete, a producer on The Kyle and Jackie O show whose real name is Peter Deppeler, caught the press conference of former cricket captain Steve Smith in March in the wake of the scandal surrounding the tampering with the ball.

"Mate I have to tell you … keep your head high for what you have done, because what has actually been worse is what Davina and Dean did on Married At First Sigh t. "he said to a teary Smith at the time. 19659003] Deppeler copped national abuse for the statement.

Thoughtful about the images for the first time, he opened about the incident on Disgrace! a panel show hosted by the former Labor politician and titleless "Chinese stouge" Sam Dastyari.

It is one of the eight new t hat shows will be broadcast as part of the Pilot Week on channel 10.

"I have never been able to get myself to go back to see it honestly," he said the new pilot, which will be broadcast on Sunday evening. 19659003] Dastyari, who had his own fall from grace after being involved in a Chinese gift scandal for companies in 2017, intervened by saying "can we watch him again?"

But it was not a joke.

After an uncomfortable situation exchange of forced laughter by the panel, including Olympic gold medalist Stephanie Rice, Greg Baxter and comedian Becky Lucas,

Deppeler revealed how badly the tirade abuse affected him.

"To be honest and I do not expect anyone to feel sorry for me, but it was the worst experience I've ever had in my life," he said.

"And you know what, I asked the question, I went to the press conference but I didn't want to hear that I have to be murdered or want to hang myself, get HIV and die

" It was mess It was really mess, but we have to persevere. "

Deppeler was immediately after his commentary the press conference was turned off, but only when he was his mobile when he realized the seriousness of his actions.

" I looked at my phone and there were nearly 300 SMS messages from friends and family, "he said.

" The thing that shocked me most, say on Facebook you get a comment or a message and you click on their profile and you say & # 39; oh, that's a mother with three children & # 39; or & # 39; that's a 14-year-old guy who just told you to hang yourself & # 39; and you think & oh; oh my God, this is our culture, this is our world.

Panelist and comedian Becky Lucas admitted that she did not like Deppeler, especially because he "looked at Smith hard enough and howled in such a fragile state". "

" I do not even know what you're said, I just remember that I thought: why would you have an all at this time ?, it is already so tense and terrible. & # 39;

& # 39; But when I thought of it again, it's not that bad and like everything it just was not that kind of problem and I could see what you were doing at the time and you're just reading it a bit wrong. "

Rice, also in 2010 at the center of the controversy stood for a homophobic blemish on Twitter, also jumped to Deppeler & # 39; s defense.

"If I were in Steve's position I would have hated what you did because you are so vulnerable, but at the same time I do not think what you said was disrespectful, it was more the timing to say it in that situation . "

In an exclusive interview with after the controversy, Deppeler said that on closer inspection it was not the best time to ask such a light-hearted question.

"I just wanted to let him know that it really was not the end of the world."

"It was not my intention to make light of his personal situation, but to show him the millions of Australians who are not obsessed with cricket, empathize with him, but timing is all and on closer inspection this was not the best time to ask. "

Kyle Sandilands had protested the calls for Deputy to be fired and the decision of Cricket Australia to advertise ARN in the aftermath of the scandal, declaring that he could not "give as ** t".

The radio host, who also has his own show Trial by Kyle as part of Ten & # 39; s Pilot Week, had taken his KIIS FM breakfast show the next day to roar about the "dangerous" maltreatment Deplayer copped.

"What if trainee Pete actually took his own life after the weekend? … It's dangerous!" He ranted.

"… They [haters] want to kill his mother What kind of people are these people? It's a f ** king game … This kid could have killed himself on the weekend because of the hell he was Imagine that he had taken his own life because some who were looking for somewhere, who were so obsessed with cricket, wanted him dead? "

Admittedly, Kyle and Jackie O had no idea what he planned to do. at the conference, but said they supported. him anyway.

"Who cares? It's a cricket match at the end of the day … he got death threats, people threatened trainee Pete with death – these are wages," Kyle said at the time.

"We did not know that he would go to [ask the question]but I am still behind him – I could not give it as ** t."

The next program to be broadcast on the Pilot Week of Network 10 is Drunk History with Stephen Curry.

The shows are actually auditioning for a permanent spot on our screens and Channel 10 says it will use "audience response, buzz and social media ratings" to determine which of the eight shows is popular enough to be fully completed next year. broadcast.

– Sam Dastyari & # 39; s show, Disgrace !, with Intern Pete, aired on Channel 10 on Sunday evening at 8.30 am.

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