Liverpool expects a full Neymar package against Paris St Germain – Klopp – Football

Jurgen Klopp expects to see the "complete Neymar package" when Liverpool opens its Champions League campaign in Paris St Germain.

Red manager Klopp refused to criticize the diving jumpers of the Brazilian international during the World Cup, where he was roundly condemned because he rolled unnecessarily over the floor.

Instead, he chose to partially excuse Neymar's actions in the face of physical treatment of defenders – something Klopp says Liverpool will not take on Tuesday.

"I know people were talking about it when it seemed like he made more of a situation than it was," said Klopp, whose team lost finalists last season.

"For me that is a completely normal reaction, because players really went for him and he wants to protect himself and I understand that too.

"When an opponent gets a yellow card, he is much closer to a red card, so I see it from that perspective.

"I thought it smart that he saves himself, everyone does not have to worry, we're not going to fight him.

"We play football and we want to win the ball, we do not try to act on this kind of thing, we try to avoid the passes to him, try to prevent him from winning challenges – which is a big job to do.

"I'm not sure if it's 100 percent possible to avoid his qualities, I'm pretty sure it's not, he's a fantastic football player, an excellent player.

"I do not think he is someone who wants to act, because if you are like that, you can not play the football he plays.

"I do not think about this kind of things, he got rested on the weekend, so he'll be 100% new to us, he's not injured anymore, so we'll see the full Neymar football package.

"We have to deal with that and that is what we will try."

Neymar's Brazilian team-mate Roberto Firmino is faced with a late review to see if he has recovered from an eye injury that he has suffered at Tottenham on Saturday.

The Brazilian got an abrasion on the cornea of ​​his left eye after he was caught by the swinging arm of Jan Vertonghen and it has influenced his sight.

Klopp, however, remains optimistic. The attacker – who plays an important role on the side – will be fit.

"Not absolutely (fit) but yes, he could not play today, no chance, but we all hope that there is a chance tomorrow, that's good news that it's coming close," the German added.

Roberto Firmino

"Everyone who saw the photo 's after the game was shocked, it was a great relief to us all.

"It is painful and nobody needs it, but it will be fine – we do not know exactly when it is 30 hours before the game, so we will see."

If Firmino fails, Daniel Sturridge would have an incredible opportunity to start the first Champions League start of his career in Liverpool.

The other options of Klopp are limited to minor injuries to Dominic Solanke and Divock Origi, although he could also bring Xherdan Shaqiri and put Mohamed Salah more central.

"He (Sturridge) will be ready," Klopp said.

"If Bobby can not play and Dom (Solanke) and Divock (Origi) can not do that, we have a shortage of options because both have doubts because they have had few injuries in the game under 23 with Swansea.

"We thought it was logical (for them to play) but they did not come about without problems.

"There is no problem with the first set-up, only with having options."

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