St George Illawarra Dragons to wrap Gareth Widdop in cotton wool for the final

Dufty said that coach Paul McGregor wanted to freshen up after he had a sin against the Warriors every minute of the season bar, but he was called prematurely by Aitken & # 39; s injury.

When asked if he expected to reclaim the No. 1 jersey immediately after injuries to Nightingale and Aitken, Dufty said: "I thought I would go straight in. I've played every game there now and the guys know that I will not do it, let them down.

"When Gaz [Widdop] comes to you after the game and says, "I and you will have to win us the next few games & # 39; … for a young child like me that is very inspiring and it helps you to lift a bit after a heavy loss. "

Some players of St George Illawarra were subjected to a verbal barrage when they left Jubilee Oval after the defeat of the Bulldogs, the biggest in the history of the joint venture against Canterbury. And Dufty had a stern message for the unruly few.

"I think that without being rude, they have to wake up for themselves," he said. "They forget where we were at the beginning of the year and they're turning around so fast, I think they just have to remember that we're in the finals and instead of being able to criticize, they can give their team a Show little support They have to remember that we are all part of that one club.

"Of course we have some great fans and if we go well, we have the best fans, but they have to remember how we went at the beginning of the year and we get our skipper back or two within a week.

"Everything looks good and we are in the final, it is not every year that you make the final and we are excited about that."

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