Trent Barrett bites tongue as a male owner spitting out publicly

"I want to honor what I said that we would not comment on it until the end of the season.


"In the light of this morning I will make a statement in due time.

"I was understanding … I had to hold a heavy press conference last week, and I had to refuse to comment and tried to do things with a lot of dignity.

"It's hard for me to stand here today and say nothing at all.

"It was difficult, it's certainly not something you want to go through, it's not just us, it's the club, the players and your family.


"I will sit down and think about when we say something.

"I'm disappointed that we have not made a public statement for a long time, I've been sitting here for a while with camera's in my face, that's what I did [not comment]. We just have to continue. & # 39; & # 39;

Barrett is still in charge of Manly for just 160 minutes, trying to avoid the wooden spoon for the first time in the club's 71-year history.

They face the Wests-tigers in Campbelltown on Thursday-evening and then in the final round in the Broncos in Brisbane.

The players have gathered behind Barrett, including skipper Daly Cherry-Evans, who in the weekend questioned why the coach had not met his demands by the club.

Head of government Lyall Gorman met the players as a peace offer on Monday.

John Cartwright, Barrett & # 39; s assistant, is the early frontrunner who takes the top job.

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