Usain Bolt gets plenty of time to prove his A-League with Central Coast Mariners


August 21, 2018 15:04:39

Usain Bolt says he is looking forward to submitting the work after completing his first training with the Central Coast Mariners.

The eight-time Olympic gold medalist went to his new Mariners teammates in a light session this morning when the team recovered from a practice match on Sunday.

While Bolt breezed through the running part of the session, the subsequent passing exercises seemed a bit more stressful.

"For me it's just like field and field, the first training day is always the toughest", said Bolt during his first press conference as Mariner.

"It felt good, I knew it would take time and work and I'm ready to work."

The majority of the team then continued with a minor game, while Bolt and former Reading defender Kalifa Cisse stretched extra.

"It is only the first day," said coach Mike Mulvey when asked if he liked what he had seen so far from the world record holder of the sprint.

"The light was on him, he would not be human if he had no nerves, he is a fantastic athlete and we are happy to have him here."

"Let's get him out, see what he can do and let his performance take the floor."

By carefully turning Bolt into training, the Mariners gave a strong indication that they were willing to take their time, and Mulvey echoed that he would give Bolt every opportunity to prove his worth.

"What I want to emphasize is that this is not a decision that we have to take tomorrow or the next day." Mulvey said.

"We are delighted that Usain has chosen our club, this great community on the Central Coast, to actually promote its ambition.

"If it takes 12 months before it is finished, I am happy to wait that long."

Mulvey also said that despite a negativity around Bolt & # 39; s coming, having an Olympic champion would only have a positive effect on his players.

"You do not lower your training standards when Usain Bolt walks through the door," he said.

"This guest is a winner, eight gold medals at the Olympic Games, you do not just by having a great ability, you do it by having a great mental capacity.

"If he can pass on a bit to my players … this can be great for one of our young boys we signed up."

When the details of Bolt's trial came to the fore, chief executive Shaun Mielekamp of Mariners was forced to defend the action as not just a stunt or a gimmick.

Bolt understood that there would be criticism, but looked forward to correcting the opponents.

"People always say what they want to say, it's just like on the track and in the field, people said all sorts of things about me and it was up to me to prove that they were wrong," he said.

"It is just a new moment for me to prove that people are wrong.

"I am here to first overcome the first obstacle and that is getting a contract, then I will see at what level I am and at what level I have to work." Then I can determine my goals for the season. "

Bolt has long expressed the wish to make it as a professional footballer and has previously trained with the German giants Borussia Dortmund and the Norwegian side Stromsgodset, but his Mariners period represents his first long period in a professional football environment.

"We received offers from teams in Spain, France, but it would be harder to learn a new language, Australia is a place I like to come to." Bolt said.

"The Mariners decided to give me a chance and I am very grateful."

Although his new coach liked to give Bolt the time he needed, Bolt was unwilling to set a time limit on his process.

"I do not set myself goals to say," This is what I'm going to do, "" Bolt said.

"I'm just going to do the job, this is my first chance.

"I have to work on the basic skills … there are things that I have to learn, that is why I am here, but I am excited about the opportunity."








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