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India defeated England with 203 points on Trent Bridge and made a banging return in the series after having completed two games after the debacle at Lord & # 39; s. Led by the man of the match, Virat Kohli, India posted 329 in the first innings under brighter skies and England 161, courtesy a sensational outburst of all-rounder Hardik Pandya. After taking a huge lead, Jasprit Bumrah led the ball and broke England's last efforts to help India bounce back. Here we bring the report card of players from both sides of the first test.


Virat Kohli

His demons of 2014 delusional deluding, Virat Kohli 97 made in the first innings and followed it with a small hundred who sent a clear statement to the opposition. The Indian skipper boarded 159 for the fourth wicket with Ajinkya Rahane in the first innings. The partnership proved to be extremely crucial. The second exhibition halls showed the other side of Kohli while he struck England stoically. 200 runs in the test and he is hungry for more. His captain was also remarkable because he was smart with his bowling changes and field internships.

Virat Kohli celebrates after raising his 23rd test ton. AP

Virat Kohli celebrates after raising his 23rd test ton. AP

Hardik Pandya

In a performance that silenced several critics, including Michael Holding, Hardik Pandya turned out to be the maintainer with a five-wicket distance in the first innings that accelerated the collapse of England. He picked up four wickets in 10 deliveries, a period in which England left 110/5 to 128/9. He also established his all-round credentials by hitting a run-a-ball half-century in the second inning when India took a giant lead.


Jos Buttler

Struggling at 62/4 on the way to 521 for the victory, Jos Buttler's positive intention and composed turns lent England some stability. In addition to a calm Ben Stokes, Buttler rose in an English way, which at some point prompted hope for a positive result. His fight with Jasprit Bumrah might be one of the highlights of this series. At the end of all this, Buttler had cracked a maid Test Dog that unfortunately did not come to anything greater that would have been enough to save the team from defeat. That said, Buttler has taken away doubts regarding his place in the side. He also hit a powerful 32-ball 39 in the first innings when everyone else staggered, to take the total of England past 150.


Ajinkya Rahane

With his form reaching a low point, the Indian vice-captain needed a couple of straw and Trent Bridge proved to be exactly that. In an exhibition hall that recalls hundreds on Lord's day one four years ago, Rahane hit a beautiful half-century (81) and sewed a crucial 159-run booth with Kohli. He fell 19 short for a ton, but not before he had given the side a solid platform to flourish.

Jasprit Bumrah

With its queer angle and extra zipper, Bumrah was the favorite of India & # 39; s fast bowlers. Bumrah made a return after the injury and was excellent during the entire race. He kept chasing the batsmen constantly and surprised them with the strange short episode. As always, his accuracy built up pressure and in the last session of day four he broke to break the dangerous Stokes-Buttler partnership and achieve his second Test Five-for. He must, however, work on his transcending problems.


Shikhar Dhawan

While heavily criticized for his battle abroad, Dhawan was the unsung hero for India at the top in this test, and he combined two half-century opening partnerships with KL Rahul. Both times, the batsman from Delhi was exemplary because he did not let the new ball players of the opponent stick to a channel. The problems with the top order of India hurt them severely. The opening score was therefore very crucial in view of the fact that India's percussion had to click desperately. Dhawan did not take care of his place on the side for the next two tests, but larger contributions would be the need for the hour.


Cheteshwar Pujara

Heavily criticized for being openly slow, Pujara, with a flurry of boundaries in the second inning, already took the lead from India. He went back to a shell after the fiery start, but made sure he did not throw everything away. For half a century, Pujara would give much needed confidence for the remaining games.

Ben Stokes

When returning to the test side, Ben Stokes seemed a bit bogged down and could not make a fist with a bat or ball in the first innings. He returned the second time to hit a composed and very unusual half century in an effort to revive England. Together with Buttler, Stokes set up 169 for the fifth wicket to keep India at bay for a while. The all-rounder got 187 balls for his 62 runs in what turned out to be his slowest test half century.


KL Rahul

After making pretty bad contact in the first two tests, Rahul seemed more relaxed when Dhawan took control. There was a glimpse of his flamboyance and determination in this test. He hit a patient 23 of 53 balls in the first innings to put the platform and then went into his partner's route on the second outing, racing to 36 in 33 balls but soon Ben Stokes fell. Despite not being at the top of his game, Rahul has shown enough character to be saved in the play XI at least in the next XI.

Ishant Sharma

The lanky Indian sailor seemed to have eventually grown into the bowler hat India wished he was a few years ago. He had the wood over Alastair Cook and unlocked the veteran opener in both turns. Ishant was right with the money against the left and can without any doubt be tagged the leader of the pace attack.

Rishabh Pant

He started his career with a sixth from the second ball and Pant announced his arrival in style. During his 51-ball stay at the wicket in the first innings, he showed decent technique and maturity for his 24 runs. He was calm and composed. He did not have much impact in the second inning, but that time seemed to want to accelerate India. However, this is a huge learning curve and it is not only his batting, Pant also appeared with the gloves, grabbed seven catches in the game, there was also a strange drop, that of Buttler in the second innings, but this experience will help him a lot ahead.


Adil Rashid

Rashid rejected the unstoppable Virat Kohli in the first innings, then collected three more wickets in the second inning, which ended Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane and Mohammad Shami. That said, his place will certainly be discussed while England is trying to seal off his percussion for the fourth test. He played some self-confident shots in the second innings, but the leggie will probably make room for Moeen Ali, who has just played a double century in the County Championship for Worcestershire and also picked up four wickets to help win the victory over Yorkshire .

Chris Woakes

The all-rounder all-rounder was edited by two sharp jumpers from Pandya and Bumrah after his century with Lord & # 39; s in the previous test. Woakes, however, had already left his mark in the game when he returned the top three of India in the first innings in an outburst of an impressive spell of swing bowling.

James Anderson

The Lancashire seal did not have the same impact as the Lord's in a location where England's faster bowlers have generally been well-behaved in the past. Anderson still managed to keep the Indians on the line with his considerable control and had the misfortune that he beat the bat several times. He ensured four wickets in both innings. England needs more of him and it will be interesting to see how the 36-year-old holds after three tests.


Ravichandran Ashwin

All Ashwin had to do for this was to give the faster bowlers some time to catch their breath. He did this perfectly, kept things tight and passed less than 2 runs per. He sealed the Test for India early on day 5 with his only wicket in the game. His role was minimal with the bat.


Alastair Cook

With his defense questioned after Ravichandran Ashwin had treated him with two brilliant deliveries in the first Test, Cook has a new nemesis in Ishant Sharma. The long sailor had dismissed Cook at Lord & # 39; s and the cause of the left-handed both times here at Trent Bridge. Cook has shown determination in pieces, but has looked at a shadow of his past and has to ante up with England, which urgently needs the openers to fire.

Stuart Broad

Broad, like his partner Anderson, was bizarrely lethargic with his only mark in the game that came when he sent Rahane, Pant and Ashwin back in the first innings. With the visitors' lead in the second inning, Brent did little to force control over the damage and apparently struggled to find the right lines.


Mohammad Shami

With Ishant Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah and even Hardik Pandya stepping up the ball, Shami was slightly out-of-color and returned to his whimsical ways. He was all over the place in the first innings and got 56 of his 10 overs. He was again the target for British batsmen in the second inning and leaked with 4.1 points each time.

Keaton Jennings

Alastair Cook's search for a reliable partner continues as Keaton Jennings, after he teased to impress at the beginning of the series, proved to be sad out of contact with Trent Bridge. He was undone by a bad judgment in both innings, sobbing for balls he should have left alone.


Joe Root

The English skipper had a forgettable Test match, with only 16 and 13 in both innings. He might have been a bit unlucky to be convicted in the first innings with some confusion about whether the ball had been bounced before Rahul caught him. Stuck in fragmentary touch, Root was flamlamed by Bumrah in the second round before the skipper could settle at the wicket.

Ollie pope

The immensely talented pope was strangled in the first innings on the leg side and became the victim of a sensational catch by Virat Kohli in the second. Both times Pope boldly looked at the fold but could not continue and make an impression. The 20-year-old will probably get a longer rope but with a few options in the wings, he will know that he has to step up.

Johnny Bairstow

Usually, a reassuring force in the lower middle order of England, Bairstow missed in the first innings when he fell on an excellent Pandya outswinger. Wounded by the time he came out for the second time, the keeper was cleaned by a Jaffa of Bumrah for a golden duck.

Rating table: 10-9: Excellent, 8-7: Good, 6-5: Average, 4-3: Bad, 2-1: Very bad

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