& # 39; Doom II & # 39; Final Secret Discovered, First 100% Completion

After 24 years, someone finally discovered the last remaining secret Doom II, earning the first 100% completion of the game without the use of cheat codes.

fate series co-creator John Romero went to Twitter on Friday and announced that YouTuber Zero Master is discovering how to unlock the last of the ten secret areas of the Industrial Zone. Fans have long known where it is, but no one has been able to activate it without using cheats, so no one has ever claimed 100 percent completion of the game. Until now.

As Romero states in his following tweet: "A secret teleporter is marked as a findable secret", but if you touch it, you will never enter the sector, so you would never enter the teleport sector for the secret The only way to activate this secret is to push an enemy into it! "To see the steps taken, go to the 1:50 figure in the video above.

To take a quote from Mashable's Adam Rosenberg, "Congrats, Zero Master, and congratulations to Romero because he no longer has to keep that secret."

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