Apple & # 39; s iPhone keynote from 2018: September 13 at 3:00 AM AEST in Australia, iPhone and Watch image leaks

Samsung has launched its Note9 super phone, complete with a built-in stylus that has Bluetooth remote control capabilities, while Nokia has launched a series of midrange models from $ 149 to less than $ 400.

There were new phones at IFA 2018, the big technical trade show in Berlin, but the big launch that everyone is waiting for after the latest Samsung Note and other smartphones that want to avoid launch in the wake of Apple is the launch of the iPhone.

But now that these models are out, the focus is on what Apple will launch, and the rumor mill and "accidental" leaks have been hot, while the invitation image with the circular circle that is very reminiscent of the new Apple Park building was also attracted a lot of speculation.

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All new Apple phones are expected to have the "notch" of the iPhone X (Ten & # 39; s), with sensors, cameras & # 39; s and the loudspeaker and the earpiece over the entire range, with a 5, 8-inch and 6.5-inch model with OLED screens and a 6.1-inch cheaper model with an LCD screen.

Two of the new models are shown below, announced to the world by 9to5Mac.

It is said that at least two of these models are called the iPhone XS, as in Ten S, instead of eXcesS, which has cached many memes and jokes that this name is a bit exaggerated.

Moreover, it is said that the images are not part of a planet, but a partial image of a very colorful bubble.

The 6.5-inch model, which is the same size as the current 5.5-inch Plus models, has a screen size of 6.5 inches, because the edges are reduced to almost nothing, except for the notch of course.

Some say that this model will see 3 cameras this year, but whether the 5.8-inch model will also see a tripe camera layout is not known.

A maximum capacity of 512 GB is expected, and there are certainly surprises that we do not really know yet, such as rumors for Apple Pencil on at least one of the models.

Meanwhile, the 6.1-inch model would only have one camera, the cheaper LCD screen and a lower price, but with Apple that is not known for budget models, the price is still visible.

Rumors also indicate that this model can be postponed by a month, but again, they are all rumors, none other than Apple's living room, its marketing team and its Chinese manufacturers and elements of its supply chain, plus case-makers who are sworn. to know secrecy for sure until Apple announces it on stage.

What is certain is that iOS 12 is launched, complete with a smarter Siri that can perform multiple actions simultaneously, and an abundance of other features – including the cool Memoji that lets you create a cartoon version of yourself. I used the iOS 12 beta on my iPhone X and it was great – I'm looking forward to being finalized, with everyone finally able to get it – especially those with older iPhones who get a welcome speed boost.

We also get macOS Mojave, which I have run beta tests on my MacBook Pro in my permanent dark mode, and this too is an excellent update that I absolutely love to use.

watchOS 5 and the new tvOS will also start, as well as a host of new features for the excellent HomePods, which sound even brighter than a few units, which sound great and easily outperform Google Home and Amazon Alexa as true audiophile loudspeakers that play music put first, but with the HomePod OS update we will see HomePods become much smarter – with all these updates welcome.

Whether we will see iCloud storage upgrades and new content bundles remains to be seen, but they are expected.

The new watch from Apple is also leaked, it looks thinner and while the square screen size looks the same, the edges have shrunk, which means a 15% larger space.

The leaked image of 9to5Mac is below, showing a traditional round dial, the angles show "complications" in every corner, with more detail than ever before, and another four complications in the dial circle.

The Apple Watch has dozens of complications that it can show, but in the past you could only have a maximum of 5 at any time.

As you can see in the leaked dial, you can now have 8, if not 9, with the leaked watch showing the time, a timer with a sound down curved strip that shrinks, the weather with a number and a curved strip that shows the minimum and maximum temporary workers, a UV assessment with a curved strip, sunset and sunrise with text and images, day and date, an upcoming appointment and location, astronomy, activity rings, music and volume, all with more detail.

It looks very readable and non-messy and that is just one face – there are many more, including the digital dials that also promise more "complications" and thus more striking data than ever.

The crown also has a red border, instead of a full red dot, and the golden color looks good too.

What the price will be, what the lifetime of the battery will be, whether we will see an "always on" face, remains to be seen, but it looks like the Apple harvest for 2018 will be one as it's biggest premiums.

It is also expected the long-awaited wireless charging station, faster wireless charging, the iPads get the iPhone X / XS user interface, wireless charging suitable for AirPods, independent Hey Siri functionality for AirPods and more – at least according to various online rumors.

If we finally get the rumors of new Mac minis and new, cheaper MacBooks, lots of people will be very happy and Apple's Christmas sales alongside what is probably the biggest super cycle, while its competitors are struggling with the Apple moloch again.

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