Australian teen hacks Apple servers; can get job offer

Finding a job with tech juggernauts is the dream of every techie. Let alone a company like Apple, which became the first company in the world to reach $ 1 trillion in market capitalization? Whew!

But what if you are told that you might just get a vacancy for the largest company in the world by hacking their servers? Yup.

What really happened?

A 16-year-old child in Australia was able to hack Apple's computer systems last year. He stole almost 90 gigabytes of data about the period. If you wonder why hacking is taking place, 90 GB of data is so often declared ; also that in a world where memory units reach pitabytes, here is the answer. Apple is proud to have one of the tightest virtual security walls, impossible (well, almost impossible) to hack into. Being able to hack their systems and get hold of files is a cause for concern. That also by a 16-year-old teenager!

The case was reported to the FBI and then to the Australian police. When Apple finally discovered the break. Even though the teenager shared his impeccable performance with his colleagues through WhatsApp, none of the user information was affected. "We want to assure our customers that their personal data has not been compromised at any time," said an Apple spokesperson.

Moreover, the funniest fact was that the teenager, who was kept anonymous because of his age, was called "Hacky Hack Hack" with humor.

"Two Apple laptops were confiscated by the suspect's house, and when matching the serial numbers to the database, all doubts were erased because it was accompanied and confirmed to be the intruder." Said an Australian prosecutor.

What is in the future for the teenager?

The teenager is notorious for his hacking skills in the virtual community. This is another reason why his name is remembered. He also exclaimed that he dreamed of becoming an Apple employee one day, a dream of many young minds.

Dr. Dreyfus, a privacy expert who studied the case, told Guardian that a "sentence" sentence for a child with such abilities could be "a waste of potential". Maybe Apple managers have the same line of reasoning, because it is rumored that Apple might consider looking into the boy's case with a touch of optimism and could offer him a job

What is a better way to future hacks? and to prevent burglaries such as this one than to hire the hacker yourself!

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