Capcom Pays Tribute to & # 39; Haunting Ground & # 39; With New & # 39; Street Fighter V & # 39; Costume

Think of Capcom & # 39; s survival horror game from 2005 Haunting Ground (I certainly do not)? The game focused on protagonist Fiona Belli, a young woman who wakes up after a car accident in the dungeon of a castle and has many similarities with an earlier Capcom title in Clock Tower 3. You can find the game in Japanese PlayStation Store in digital form, or sell your kidneys for a physical copy on eBay.

Anyway, someone at Capcom remembered Fiona, because they made an unlockable costume based on Fiona & # 39; s appearance Street Fighter VCammy. The costume will be available on August 30, unlockable via the Extra Battle mode. This is not the first time that Capcom does these tribute costumes SFVas they have done with unlockable costumes based on Dante and Gloria Devil May Cry 4 for Ken and Laura, as well as having Darkstalkers costumes for Juri, Urien and Menat.

Of course, the rest of us want to know when Capcom will release the digital version Haunting Ground on the North American and European PlayStation Stores, or give us another Darkstalkers game.

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