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Do you have to put your health symptoms on Google?

If you think about going to the doctor, should you first report your symptoms on Google?

Will it make your visit a little better or irritate the doctor?

Well, it depends who you ask.

New research from Australia has shown that people who have googled health-related questions have a positive influence on their experience in emergency departments.

The researchers examined 400 people last year and found 77 per cent of the patients who googled their symptoms believed that it helped them to communicate more effectively with the doctors.

It helped patients to ask more informed questions and better understand medical language when it was used. It is called "Dr. Google."

Some doctors are skeptical about this study.

They say that people who google their symptoms tend to look at the worst case scenario and then argue with their doctors about what they are suffering from.

Doctors say, "Dr. Google can add to their workload because it can be difficult to explain why their Google findings are wrong.

However, being a proponent of your own health is a good idea, so the more information you have, the better.

You have to go to a credible medical website like WebMD.

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