Fortnite Content Update and new grenade coming Tuesday

A new update is underway for Fortnite. Epic has announced that it will implement the 5.30 content update on all platforms – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile – tomorrow, August 28, and it looks like it is introducing a new item in the battle generous game.

The update is scheduled to start at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 1 PM BST. Unlike most other updates that Epic uses for Fortnite, the developer says it does not require downtime, so you can keep playing Battle Royale without interruptions.

In addition to the 5.30 content update, Epic has confirmed that it will release a client update to improve stability & # 39; That patch is scheduled for most platforms tonight 27 August at 22:00 PT (1 AM ET / 6 AM BST on 28 August). In a follow-up tweet, Epic confirmed that the Switch update will come "a little later" because the developer will also implement matchmaking improvements for the console with that patch.

Epic has not formally announced which new item will arrive as part of the 5.30 content update, but the in-game news feed mentions the Shockwave Grenade as "coming soon" for the game. "Send yourself, allies or enemies flying like a human cannonball!" the corresponding description reads. The description also suggests that Shockwave Grenades will make you immune to fall damage.

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In addition to teasing a new item, the news feed confirms that this is your last chance to participate in the most recent limited mode of Fortnite, Score Royale. Unlike a typical game of Battle Royale, Score Royale's goal is not to be the last player or the remaining team, but to be the first to achieve the highest score. During each round you collect points by eliminating other players, opening crates and other outdoor containers and collecting coins scattered around the island.

Fortnite's patch of 5.30 arrived a bit later than usual last week and rolled out on Thursday, August 23rd. Together with the aforementioned Score Royale mode, it introduced the Rift-to-Go into the game. This new item behaves like a portable break line; the activation will pull you – and other players you follow in the portal – into the air, allowing you to skydive back to the island.

More specifically, the update of 5.30 was followed by some unusual changes to the card. First the Tomato Town restaurant was replaced by an old pyramid called Tomato Temple. Lightning also started to hit the ground during matches. This phenomenon occurred more and more until a large, purple bolt hit the desert and left behind a mysterious cube. It remains unclear what purpose the cube serves, but players have reported that it has started moving around the island.

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