Gabe Newell Voice Pack for Dota 2 announced, View the Silly Trailer here

During today's huge Dota 2 The International tournament, Valve announced something unexpected: a Gabe Newell voice package for the immensely popular MOBA to play. That's right, the voice of Valve's founder comes to Dota 2. And in a very smart move on the Valve side, the company offers the voice package in Dota 2's Battle Pass for $ 10. A quarter of the Battle Pass sales are contributed to the total prize pool of The International, which is already the largest in the history of eSports.

We can only imagine that the prize pool will rise considerably now players can pay for hearing Newell to announce Dota 2 matches. Valve made the announcement today in a stupid sketch in which Newell struggles to express any emotion or enthusiasm during the voice-over process. We hope that the actual in-game rules are a few, because that would be great. Here is the video:

The Main Event of the International started on Monday, August 20 and runs through the final on Saturday, August 25th. Keep looking at GameSpot for more information about the event.

The current prize pool for The International 2018 is almost $ 25 million. The winning team takes home more than $ 10 million, while the team that places last place – 18th place – earns more than $ 60,000. You can learn more about the prize pool and the tournament on his website.

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