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The team of GernaderJake and NotVivid took first place in week 7 of the Saturday Fortnite Summer Skirmish event.

With 33 points over five games, they moved from the team of Ninja and DrLupo, who scored 29 points, per Fornite esports. As a result, GernaderJake and NotVivid raised a total of $ 43,400, while Ninja and DrLupo received $ 32,800 for the day:

GernaderJake enjoyed the performances:

The games were challenged under the Big Bonus format. Players received one point per elimination and eight collective eliminations as a team resulted in five points. Each game victory was also worth five points.

The duo Ghost Bizzle and KittyPlays won two of the five games Saturday in the North American league, but that was only good enough for tenth place overall. That illustrates how the value lies not only with being the last player to stand, but also collecting a large number of eliminations as he does so.

After a collaboration with Symfuhny on the way to a third place, NRG Zayt won the first game in a dramatic way, lurking below NotVivid to record the final elimination. Twitch Esports has shared a repeat of the final series:

Ninja showed similar accuracy when he chose LiquidChap while descending to a platform to secure the third game:

Teammate DrLupo celebrated the victory:

Earlier in the day, Solary Kinstaar and Lunary Jbzzed collected $ 43,200 after their 28 points were enough to win the second day of week 7 in the European competition.

Atlantis Mitr0 and Svennoss won two out of five games, and day 7 was a great showcase for Atlantis Mitr0 in particular. Here are some highlights of the European event:

Solary Kinstaar and Lunary Jbzzed were solid from start to finish, and that consistency drove them to the top of the scoreboard:

It was a great week for the whole team since it placed the second Friday.

The Summer Skirmish series is ending in three days from Friday in Seattle, with a total of $ 1.5 million on the line. Fortnite will broadcast on the last 3 September on Twitch and other official video channels, with coverage from 2 o'clock in the morning. ET.

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