How does Cayde-6 die? View his last position

Destiny 2 leaving cayde last reads how cayde-6 is dying

We all know that Cayde-6 is going to die. It was the primary point of it Destiny 2 & # 39; s Forsaken expansion since E3 2018, when a shocking trailer showed that Prince Uldren Sov with his own pistol put a bullet in Cayde's head. Uldren and the Scorn Barons are villains that players like to hate, but we have long wondered how Cayde landed himself in a predicament where he was weak enough to be killed. How does Cayde-6 die? Thanks to Bungie who released the latest stand of the Cayde & # 39; s Stand today on gamescom 2018, we now know every last jump, thump and crash of the last moments of the Hunter Vanguard.

You also get the chance to hear Nolan North while he tells Cayde. While he makes a pretty good impression of Nathan Fillion, there are times when it is undoubtedly North. Fillion usually issued Cayde-6, but was not available for this expansion because of other conflicts in his schedule.

Bungie warned the fans in advance that this movie is full of spoilers for everyone who wants to go there Forsaken completely blind. With that message it is likely that this film will be part of the opening campaign, which comes to an end after we have paved our way through a broken Prison or Elsewhere.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – How Is Cayde-6 Who?

The exciting film shows the brutality of contempt, the cunning nature of the barons, and gives us a chance to see Cayde in action, using all Hunter tools at his disposal. He makes an impressive final position, but it does not appear to be enough and he is soon overwhelmed after a well placed sniper breaks his mind into pieces. We have already seen where this all led at E3. Cayde is dead and we are on a mission for revenge.

With less than two weeks to go Destiny 2: Forsaken Bungie strongly launches the experience around the corner. To prepare for the expansion, the studio announced that the hybrid mode of PvE / PvP, Gambit, would be free for all players on 1 September 2018 for all players, just before Forsaken & # 39; s release. It is a smart move on their part, because Gambit is an addictive game mode that brings something completely new Destiny. If you are aware of the expansion, a few Gambit games will quickly change your mind.

How does Cayde-6 die? With a style and grace matching the charm and personality we have come to know and love. What did you think of the latest Cayde stand? Were you glad to see that the Exo Hunter went down in his classic way, kept him in the clouds and sketched an impressive picture of the tools he had at his disposal?

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