How to start Hollow Knight's new DLC, Godmaster

Hollow Knight, a beautiful video game starring a crowd of cute insects, today got a brand new free downloadable download section. It is called GodmasterIt is a challenge as hell, and the game is not 100 percent clear on how to start it.

If you just want a push in the right direction: you will find the new area that is hidden in the Royal Waterways near the central bank, although you have to go there Godmaster you must get a newly added (but trusted) item from outside the Colosseum Of Fools.

If you want detailed (but spoiler-free) instructions:

1) Go give yourself a brand new one Simple key. Because there were only three in the game Godmasterand if you've played Hollow Knight you probably used them all in all, you can now find a fourth in a new hidden area to the right of the Colosseum or Fools. Just go to the pit where the bank is, go back up through the rightmost exit and throw the right wall to find the new area.

2) Find the Junk Pits, which you can reach via the Royal Waterways, just above the secret passage leading to the Flukemarm.

It is this tunnel – just hit that wall in the upper left corner.

3) Navigate through the scary tunnels and head for a sarcophagus, which will ask you to use your Simple Key to unlock it. Pick up the new item and use Dream Nail on the body, and you will find yourself in Godhome, the most important new area for Hollow Knight& # 39; s new DLC.

From there you can fight the new boss gauntlets and challenge all old bosses for duels that are becoming increasingly difficult, depending on which modifiers you select. It is all a nightmare and I can not wait to keep playing.

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