Isuzu Team D-Max unveils Concept X models

Australians are fond of two things: pickups (or "utes" as they would say), and roughing it over rough off-road paths. Isuzu Team D-Max who calls itself " the longest running and most famous precision gear team in Australia", has just taken over two of the most popular models from the Japanese car manufacturer and pushed them to the limit. The kind of mod job that only Down Under could have been made.

Meet Concept X a deadly duo of a concept D-Max and MU-X, which has just been revealed by the team in question. They look the same as the regular pick-up and SUV … if you decided to add solid tires and body-like fabrications all around.

Here are some quick facts: both are powered by 3.0-liter 4JJ turbodiesels coupled to six-speed automatic transmissions, both equipped with modified TBS Racing calipers, both sport 20-inch Toyo mud rubber, and both have a ground clearance of 370 mm thanks to a 7-inch suspension lift. The custom-made structures include steel mudguards and hoods, an alloy bull and sports bars and platinum animals that can lift up to 10,000 pounds.

Once again, this form of craziness can only come from Australia. Watch the video above to see the concept of vehicles in action and see below how the builds came about.

Isuzu Concept X – The Build from Camber Collective on Vimeo.

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