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People who need a computer with a lot of power usually have to do something big and big, but the newest from Lenovo seems to go the other way.

If you know what a "workstation" is, chances are you already know that your needs will not be filled by a standard computer.

Generally built for people with jobs that require a bit more growling than your everyday computer. Daily office productivity, workstation computers are built for heavier tasks, such as things that require 3D capabilities and a lot of processing. These computers are built for needs that are often very technical, and include tasks such as architecture, scientific fields, automotive design, etc., and are therefore not your usual choice of computers.

They are often bigger, thicker and more expensive than their traditional PC counterparts, and that means the same thing in the laptop world. But thanks to advances in technology, the days may have passed when a workstation requirement would force an employee to take a beast of a machine to size that is still a beast of a machine in terms of performance and capabilities.

This week, Lenovo unveiled its latest workstation, the Lenovo ThinkPad P1, which shakes a 1.7 kilogram design and a machine that throws pretty powerful parts into a body of 1.84 inches.

 Lenovo P1 workstation laptop

Inside there is a choice between Intel Core-X or Xeon processors of the eighth generation, up to 64 GB RAM, up to 4 TB solid-state storage, and NVidia's Quadro P2000 graphics chip, a graphical chip of the workstation variety not unlike NVidia's for gaming, but instead made for the right 3D build and display.

Designed to be thin, light, powerful but still usable, the ThinkPad P1 looks beyond the current shift of making each USB Type C port, and brings two of those along for the ride, but still has two standard USB ports and also offers HDMI 2.0, a card reader and a mini Gigabit Ethernet port.

This comes under a 15.6 inch screen that can enter or Full HD & # 39; s 1920 × 1080 or 4K & # 39; s 3840 × 2160, the latter of which supports 100 percent of the Adobe color gamut.

It is essentially a big machine in a small body, but as expected there is no price, with a workstation machine usually large tags and a lot of customization. For example, if you need all 4TB of that solid-state storage, prepare for a large expense, just like on other laptops.  Lenovo P1 workstation laptop

It is not the only workstation that is Lenovo this week a larger 17-inch beast appears, the ThinkPad P72, an upgrade of the support up to 128 GB RAM, up to 6 TB storage capacity, supports 16 GB Intel's Optane memory and an upgrade of the graphics power to NVidia's Quadrop P5200.

the ThinkPad P72 is a larger computer that is still a beast of 2.6 cm and weighs 3.4 kg, but it does show how the size at the end of the performance of the workstation world improves, bit by little. [19659003] "When we started making the ThinkPad P1, we knew it was our challenge to build a mobile workstation that would transfer the legacy of professional power and reliability from our ThinkPad portfolio, but would also meet our customers' needs for a thin, light and sleek design, "said Le novo & # 39; s Rob Herman, general manager of workstations for the company.

"Whether you're looking for power, the lightest mobile workstation around or slim and slim tech nose, the ThinkPad P1 delivers on all points, point," he said.

Both are available in Australia, but neither has a price. We suspect that this will be more in line with a "if you have to ask …" mentality, but if you need this kind of performance seriously, questions will not be your problem, but rather how fast you can get it. We suspect that the answer is "now".

 Lenovo P1 workstation laptop

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