Look at this crazy smartphone watch

Now that Samsung is working on flexible screens to use flexible telephones and even supply screens to Chinese phonemakers to grow the ecosystem, it is clear that a new era for smartphones is around the corner. However, it seems that Nubia could not wait that long. At IFA 2018, the company released an outrageously flexible screen device that looks like smartwatch, but it promises even more.

But what is perhaps the most ambitious aspect of the Nubia-α – whose team says it was inspired by sci-fi – is that it is not just a concept. Nubia has plans to sell this thing sometime before the end of the year.

The highlight function of the Nubia-α is of course the enormous flexible display that is located almost halfway around the thick segmented band. Nubia says that this patented screen was created to reduce the fatigue of gadgets through all essential functions of a smartphone for the user at your fingertips & # 39; available.

And in keeping with that idea, the Nubia-α includes a built-in 4G modem for real stand-alone wireless connectivity and even a built-in camera that you would probably use to make video calls. But essentially that is all we know because other details about the Nubia-α are incredibly scarce.

Nubia did not say which chip drives the device, which manufacturer made that funky display, which operating system it is running, or even something about an expected price. But the more disconcerting, though, is that although these product proprons look pretty slippery, the pictures of the actual device of the Nubia IFA booth paint a slightly different story.

To begin with, you just look at how wide that band is. I have seen bike tires thinner than that. Then see how thick the Nubia-α looks from the side. This thing can be huge. But the most ridiculous thing about the Nubia-α is that the square is rounded in the middle, where I suppose the components are stored. It looks like a techy snake has swallowed an Apple Watch.

Edgar Allan Poe once said: "There is no beautiful beauty … without any strangeness in the relationship," and although there is no way he ever had anything like the Nubia – a thought when he thought so, I feel like it works pretty well here.

Okay, enough reactions, because as far as this is, you have to give Nubia some credit for trying. Although emerging mobile phones are something like the Nubia-α, we can better prepare for some growing pains when people try to make the entire flexible telephone idea happen.

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