MP5-SD, New weapon in CS: GO

MP5-SD, New weapon in CS: GO

Since the winter of 2015 there is no new weapon in CS: GO that the Revolver has added. But that has changed with the latest update from Valve, which included a number of game changing functions and a brand new weapon. The MP5-SD.


For those who have played the game from the beginning, know that this is not really a new weapon. The MP5 was one of the most used SMGs in the original CS 1.6. We have been looking forward to this return to the competition. And it is finally here.

Valve did not want to make the same mistake as when he brought Revolver to the game. So for now, this weapon is not yet available in matchmaking. However, you are able to equip it in your MP7 loadout slot and try it on the official deathmatch servers. We still do not know when we can use it in competitive competitions, but it should come with the next update.

MP5-SD comes with an integrated silencer, 30 ammunition and 120 more in reserve, the same as the original. The current cost of this weapon is $ 1500, but do not be surprised if this changes. Compared to the UMP, it handles less damage, but it has a faster fire-rate and better check-back. It is better SMG for anti-eco rounds. On top of that you will have a higher speed of movement which is very useful in short-distance fights against Glocks. Moreover, it is silenced, so that enemies do not know your exact location.

In summary, this weapon is not something that you should use in competitive matchmaking. It can be used in the second round after it has won a gun round and after the reset in anti-eco rounds boosts your economy. It is not viable in long-distance fights and riffles always come first, so do not just force it because it is new.

Other important changes in this update:

<img class = "size-full wp-image-57795" src = "" alt = "CS: GO Panorama [19659012] The new Panorama UI view is an important visual change in the game.

– Lobbies advertised to nearby players and members of Steam Groups now expire after 5 minutes of inactivity of the lobby leader.

This is a useful addition that will help you stay out of the AFK lobby.

– Panorama UI is now enabled by default on all platforms (including Windows XP and Windows Vista game clients).

Although no one CS: GO plays an old configuration with Vista or XP because of low FPS, valve also covers this field.

– playgamesound command is now cheat-protected.

The only bad thing in this update is that this command is not longer use, many players used it to remove the background noise (for example: trains on the overpass) to get better concentration and help to hear the enemy. Now you are forced to hear these in-game sounds to prevent you from benefiting.

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