Plantronics RIG 300, 400 PRO HC series announced

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Plantronics today announced its RIG 300 and RIG 400 PRO HC series gaming headsets.

The company's latest lines deliver "superior immersive, lightweight and durable audio engagement that can give gamers a competitive edge in the battle for generous arena", it advised in a recent press release.

RIG 300 series

The RIG 300 series is "specially designed with new gamers and their parents in mind" and available in Xbox One (HX), PS4 (HS), Universal (HC) and PC editions.

Features include:

  • A modular, durable design with open ear cups that are lightweight and comfortable during marathon game sessions.
  • SoundGuard acoustic safety technology that protects gamers' hearing against unexpected audio peaks and maximum DB levels.
  • 40 mm drivers that deliver responsive bass for high-definition audio that reinforces every detail
  • Adjustable game volume and mute with inline controls.

The RIG 300 series, for use with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Windows 10, will be available for $ 59.95 AUD in mid-September 2018.

The RIG 400 PRO HC

An upgrade from the previous RIG 400, the PRO HC is designed to help the competitive gamer secure more profits with the RIG Game Audio Dial patented for fingertip volume control.

Shown above are:

  • Double material ear cushions that block outside noise with moisture-wicking fabric to ensure that gamers are as comfortable as possible during long fights.
  • Dynamic 40 mm drivers with low frequency resonators
  • The ability to unlock three-dimensional sound with a prepaid Dolby Atmos for the activation code of the headphones (* Dolby Atmos for Headphones for use with an Xbox One and is not included in the HS model for PlayStation 4.)

The RIG 400 PRO HC, for use with Xbox One and PS4, will be available for $ 99.95 AUD from August 31st.

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