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Porsche's first electric car is almost ready for prime time, but in the run up to a debut sometime next year, new video will show the car tests at the Nürburgring.

The Taycan, formerly known as Mission E, was caught on video on the famous German circuit that was still being constructed in many upholstery and camouflage. But we can start to see the general shape of the electric car and to get some production instructions.

In terms of specifications, a Taycan variant will produce at least 600 hp more and offer a range of more than 300 miles on a load. Porsche confirmed the specifications last month and said the drive will come from a synchronous permanent magnet motor on each axle. Accelerating the accelerator will see the Taycan sprint from 0-62 km / h in less than 3.5 seconds to reach 124 mph in just 12.4 seconds.

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Porsche & # 39; s Taycan will not only produce the era of the electric car of the brand, but will also introduce new charging technology. The electric car will install a charging capacity of 800 volts, which will rid the Taycan at a suitable 80 per cent drive in a period of 15 minutes. Thinner cables in the 800-volt system also helped Porsche design the Taycan.

We should see Porsche's electric car debut sometime sometime next year before production and deliveries begin in late 2019. Watch the Taycan romp around the Ring in the video.

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