Shadow of the Tomb Raider's new trailer teaches you about buffs

A new trailer for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider has dropped by showing the survival skills you can use to get great buffs.

shadow of the grave robber
credit // Square Enix

The restart Tomb Raider games are just as well focused on surviving and exploring environments than they have killer guys. The setting and the world have been important in both the lara's travels and they are a really nice place to explore while you spend your day. It's something that fans want to see coming to the newest title, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

This new trailer is encouraging at that point. Here you can see all buffaloes that can get animals in the wild that they can get in the world, from snake poison to eagle vision. There seems to be a dense variety here, although nothing seems to be out of place in other games in the genre. Yet the idea of ​​throwing poisonous grenades to unsuspecting guards is a lasting feeling between games that I encounter. There is even a possibility that gives you bullet-time responses that look neat. Look:

As you can see at the beginning, you can quickly see the talent tree in the game, which since the reboot is a big part of the Tomb Raider series. All of this comes together to really make you feel like you are in the wilderness, survives dangerous conditions and slowly turns into the ultimate guerrilla war hunter. I can not wait to jump in again.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is planned for September 12, 2019.

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