Shadows That Twice is similar in size to Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne

"In terms of world and variety", the following hack and slash title from FromSoftware will not "differ too much".

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For the action-adventure approach with which FromSoftware seems to work Sekiro: Shadows That Twice – with a good amount of stealth – there is still a fleshy world to explore. How many hours of playing time does this yield? How big will it be? Will players have enough reason to lose their lives, just like with Dark Souls 3 and bloodborne?

FromSoftware & # 39; s Communications Manager Yasuhiro Kitao did not give specific answers to the above when he spoke to VG247 through a translator. However, he says that the macabre romp by the Sengoku time slasher will not be "too different" from recent titles.

"We can not give a specific number of hours now, but we think that in terms of game volume it probably will not be too different from our recent titles, the playing time is very vague, it also varies from player to player with our old titles. , in terms of development reach and what we are trying to create in terms of the world and variety – it will not differ much. "

When asked if it was specifically comparable Dark Souls 3 and bloodborne, Kitao replied, "Yes, that's right." So if both games offer about 30 hours of game time (except DLC), you can probably expect a similar playing time from Sekiro: Shadows That Twice. Of course, considering how difficult those games were and director Hidetaka Miyazaki claims that Sekiro can be more difficult, the jury is still out.

Sekiro: Shadows That Twice releases on March 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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