The Volvo XC40 from 2019 gets a good place in the compact SUV segment and brings a new generation of customers to the Swedish brand

  Volvo XC40 Bryan Logan / Business Insider

  • The Volvo XC40 is the latest and smallest addition to the SUV line of the Swedish car manufacturer.
  • It comes at the perfect moment for Volvo, as the luxury compact SUV segment evolves in the US.
  • The XC40 is a tasteful, high-quality and exceptionally well-packed small SUV for a starting price of about $ 33,000. It is also available through a subscription through the Care by Volvo program, which takes auto payment, insurance and scheduled maintenance in one monthly amount.

The Volvo XC40 is the latest addition to the SUV line-up of the Swedish automaker and joins a growth segment of compact SUVs and crossovers that are currently dominating the market.

Now eight years after the relaunch as a luxury brand under the Chinese car conglomerate Geely Holding Group, Volvo has launched seven new models, including three SUVs: the XC90, XC60 and now the XC40.

The 40 is built on Volvo's patented skeleton for small cars, referred to as the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform developed together with Geely.

As cars, being the smallest and least expensive model in a setup, usually means that you have to make some compromises – evidence of this can be expressed in materials of lower quality and fewer options than the more expensive models. . [19659007] That is not the case here. The XC40 feels almost as much premium as a compact luxury four-wheeler.

From the moment you open the heavy doors, you plant yourself in the carved, leather and Alcantara packed driver's seat and grab the thick-rimmed driver's seat. steering wheel with the stoic chromed Volvo badge in the middle, you realize that you are about to drive a very capable, exceptionally well-built machine.

At the same time it is also strange. And comfortable.

In contrast to his bigger brothers and sisters, the XC40 does not yet have a plug-in hybrid variant. It can only be done with one of the two versions of the four-cylinder, turbocharged, gas-powered engines of the company – available with 187 hp, or a more energetic 248 hp variant. A completely electric version is currently under development.

Volvo recently loaned us a fully loaded XC40 R-Design for a one-week ride in Los Angeles. These are our impressions:

Bryan Logan / Business Insider

In photo 's, the XC40 looks deceptively small. In reality, it is compact enough to drive in the city, but it has a lot of cargo and passenger space for longer journeys.

Bryan Logan / Business Insider

The resemblance of the Volvo family is unmistakable. Meanwhile, you have seen what Volvo lovingly calls the "Thor & # 39; s hammer effect" prominent in the automaker's distinctive headlights. At the front of the XC40, it gives the car a subtle, unique flair that makes it instantly memorable.

The registered "VOLVO" badge on the reflector lens is a nice touch.

Bryan Logan / Business Insider

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