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According to British doctors, penis extensions do not bring anything

The sexual self-confidence of many men also depends on the size of their penis. Gels, injections and operations promise to make the limb longer if desired. However, British doctors now advise against such interventions. These are & # 39; ineffective and risky & # 39 ;, writes a research team from the prestigious King & # 39; s College London in the magazine & # 39; Sexual Medicine Reviews & # 39 ;. It threatened erectile dysfunction or persistent deafness, while the desired effect was lacking.

For the meta-analysis, the researchers had evaluated 17 previous studies and were able to go through the patient data of 1192 men. The documents provide information on 21 different ways to extend the penis. Some were associated with surgery, others were not.

Less than two centimeters

Because young men in particular participated in the study, the study is not representative of all patients. In addition, some patient records are available for some procedures. Compared to other studies, survey studies are even more reliable because they can summarize the knowledge from individual studies and rely on a larger database.

Among the non-surgical procedures examined were so-called penis extenders. A pendulum is usually placed around the shaft of the penis and pulled. As a result, the tissue expands over time. According to the study, the limb extended by less than two inches in the non-erected state, but pain often occurred. Moreover, the desired effect did not last long.

According to the study, injections into the limbs did not lead to an extension, in the best case the penis became a little thicker. Suction devices had no effect at all.

Surgical penis extension

One of the most common surgical procedures is ligamentolysis. Doctors use the fact that the longest part of the penis is in the body and is not visible from the outside. If some penis bands are broken and the penis is held to the pelvis, part of the previously invisible penis slides out. This makes it bigger, even if the organ itself does not win in length. According to the Center for Penis Surgery, the limb can appear visually two to three centimeters longer. However, according to the British researchers, the procedure did not always produce the desired effect. In addition, complications such as erectile dysfunction often occurred.

"In general, the treatment results were poor, with low satisfaction and a significant risk of serious complications such as penis distortion, shortening and erectile dysfunction," the researchers summarize the findings of the study. They therefore do not recommend such interventions. Also because the costs can go up to the equivalent of a maximum of 46,000 euros, which in rare cases are taken over by health insurers.

"Most men who want penis enlargement mistakenly believe that their penis is too small," urologist Gordon Muir told The Guardian. What size is "normal" for a penis is not medically defined. According to a 2014 study, the average length of the penis in the weak state is 9.16 centimeters. From a penis length of less than seven centimeters in the erect state, doctors speak of a micropenis.

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