After a sex attack on the train, the police investigate football fans

After a sex attack on the train, the police investigate football fans

LINZ. After a sexual assault on a train of the Westbahn, the police investigates unknown persons from the circle of football fans from Upper Austria. She confirmed that up to eight men were irritated and felt two train clerks.

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The attacks were turned from Amstetten to Attnang-Puchheim at the end of August and were announced on Tuesday by means of media reports. After a morning game of Amstetten against SV Ried on August 26, about 60 fans of the Upper Austrian club were at home with a set of the Westbahn. From six to eight of them is said to have been repeatedly attacked due to ticket sales or checks. Rail passengers were repeatedly massively attacked. They also had to use narrow sections in the wagons to approach the two young women immoral. One was to travel to Attnang-Puchheim to return to Amstetten with the return journey. But because the aggressive fans there also left the set and overwhelmed the platform, she remained afraid of Salzburg.

The Westbahn, which has good contacts with the police because it also provides special trains that are led by the executive to travel to football matches, then filed a complaint. Since then, the research is in full swing, assured the head of the scene-based service of the National Police Directorate of Upper Austria, Johannes Prager. First the two victims were questioned about the attacked. The next step was the evaluation of video surveillance. The train set is not equipped with it, but the platform of the station in Amstetten. On the recordings fans who are waiting for the descent are more or less good to see. For the time being, the examination of the material was not fruitful, regretted the Prague. The victims could not recognize any of the suspects among the filmed persons. The police are now also thinking about sightings of trips in Attnang-Puchheim. However, Prague did not want to reveal further details of the research.

The football club SV Ried assured himself Tuesday that he would "obviously cooperate with the authorities in this respect, it is quite possible to clarify this matter." Sexual harassment must be condemned in the most decisive way. Only the reports have been learned from the incidents.

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