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ATX down – DAX dropped significantly – US stock markets expected red – Asia & # 39; s stock market disagreements during the weekend | 17/5/19


Company / Event17/5/192cureX AB Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19AAC Technologies Holdings Inc / quarterly results17/5/19Acrow India Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Adcorp Holdings LtdShs / Quarterly Results17/5/19adesso AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Ador Fontech Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Adverty AB Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19AEGON N.V. / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Ahmedabad Steelcraft Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Aircastle LtdS / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd / quarterly results17/5/19ALCONIX CORP / quarterly figures17/5/19Allsec Technologies Ltd / Quarterly results17/5/19ALROSA / quarterly figures17/5/19ANSYS Inc. / AGM17/5/19Apator S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Registered Shs / quarterly issues from Apollo Micro Systems Ltd17/5/19AppFolio Inc (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Appulse Corp. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Arihant Foundations & Housing Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Armadale Capital PLC / quarterly figures17/5/19Arshiya International Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Arvind Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Aryan Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Registered Shs / quarterly numbers17/5/19Asahi Infrastructure & Projects Ltd / Quarterly Results17/5/19Assembly Biosciences Inc / AGM17/5/19Augros Cosmetics Packaging SA / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Bajaj car / quarterly figures17/5/19Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Balkrishna Industries Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Beate Uhse AG / Quarterly figures17/5/19Beta Systems Software AG / Quarterly figures17/5/19Bindal Exports Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19BioCorRx Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Bioera SpA Post raggruppamento / quarterly figures17/5/19Biostar Pharmaceuticals Inc. / Quarterly results17/5/19Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd / Quarterly results17/5/19BlueLinx Holdings Inc / AGM17/5/19Budge Budge Company Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Burnpur Cement Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Cae figures / quarterly figures17/5/19Cairn Energy PLC / AGM17/5/19Calmark Sweden AB Registered Shs -B / quarterly numbers17/5/19Calyxt Inc. Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Capital Park S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19CBRE Group Inc. (A) / AGM17/5/19Central Rand Gold Limited / Quarterly17/5/19CESC Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Chemoservis – Dwory S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Chesapeake Energy Corp. / Annual General Meeting17/5/19China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd. (H) / Annual general meeting17/5/19CHIYODA UTE CO LTD / Quarterly figures17/5/19CHUO BUILD INDUSTRY CO LTD / quarterly figures17/5/19City Union Bank Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19CLIQ Digital AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19CLIQ Digital AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19CLX Communications AB / quarterly figures17/5/19Comarch S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Community Bankers Trust Corp. / AGM17/5/19Compagnie Marocaine / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Corporate bank / quarterly numbers17/5/19Cox and Kings Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Cyxone AB / quarterly figures17/5/19Daio Paper Corp. (formerly Taio Paper Mfg. Co Ltd) Shs / quarterly figures17/5/19Decorous Investment & Trading Co.Ltd. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Deere & Co. (John Deere) / Quarterly results17/5/19Derwent London PLC REIT / AGM17/5/19Diebold Nixdorf AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Dongbu Insurance Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Dr. Reddy & # 39; s Laboratories Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Dr. Hönle AG – UV technology / Quarterly figures17/5/19Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Drone Aviation Holding Corp. / quarterly results17/5/19Dürr AG / quarterly figures17/5/19E L Forge Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19easyJet plc / quarterly figures17/5/19Echo Therapeutics Inc / Quarterly figures17/5/19Edisun Power Europe AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Elco Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Elegant Floriculture & Agrotech (India) Ltd. Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Elemental Holding S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Engie (ex GDF Suez) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Engineers India Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc / quarterly results17/5/19EQS Group AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Eurocastle Investment Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Everbridge Inc / AGM17/5/19Excel Corp. / quarterly results17/5/19FormFactor Inc. / AGM17/5/19Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA (St.) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA (St.) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Fujipream Corp. / quarterly figures17/5/19Full House Resorts Incashs / ​​annual general meeting17/5/19Future FinTech Group Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly17/5/19Future PLC Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19General Shopping Brasil SA / quarterly figures17/5/19General Steel Holdings Inc / quarterly results17/5/19Glance Finance Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Global Healthcare REIT Inc / quarterly results17/5/19GlycoMimetics Inc / AGM17/5/19Gokaldas Exports Ltd Dematerialsed / Quarterly Results17/5/19Gujarat Industries Power Co., Limited Dematerialized / Quarterly17/5/19Hanger Inc. / AGM17/5/19Harita Seating Systems Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Hawe S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Hggregg incs / quarterly figures17/5/19Hikari Tsughin Inc. / Quarterly results17/5/19Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLCS / annual general meeting17/5/19Hindoostan Mills Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Hiscox Ltd / AGM17/5/19Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly numbers17/5/19Hokuetsu Paper Mills Ltd. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Hyundai Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19ICHIKEN Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19IDBI Bank Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Impel NV / quarterly figures17/5/19Indian Oil Corp. Limited Dematerialized / Quarterly17/5/19Infratil LtdS / Quarterly figures17/5/19Intergrafin Holdings Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige Holdings II AB / quarterly figures17/5/19Irish Continental Group PLC credits of 1 Sh (CH24411198) and a maximum of 10 red shs (zero issued) / quarterly figures17/5/19It WayAz. / Quarterly figures17/5/19JALCO Holdings Co. Ltd / quarterly results17/5/19Jersey Electricity PLC Class -A- / Quarterly figures17/5/19Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19K.R.Energy S.p.A. Az nominativa / annual general meeting17/5/19Kansas City Southern / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Keltech Energies Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Kesar Enterprises Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Khadim India Ltd. Registered Shs / quarterly numbers17/5/19Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Korean reinsurance / quarterly figures17/5/19Corporacja Gospodarcza Efekt S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Koyosha Inc. / quarterly figures17/5/19Lang & Schwarz AG / Quarterly figures17/5/19Leena Consultancy Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Lexin Fintech Holdings Ltd (sponsored ADR & # 39; s) / quarterly figures17/5/19Lighthouse Bank (Santa Cruz, Calif) / AGM17/5/19Yazilim Sanayi ve Ticaret logo ASSh & # 39; s / quarterly figures17/5/19Luxempart SA New / Quarterly17/5/19Madhusudan Securities Ltd dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Manaksia Steels Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Marvipol S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19MAX Automation SE / AGM17/5/19MAX Automation SE / AGM17/5/19MBB SE / quarterly figures17/5/19Melbourne Enterprises LtdShs / Quarterly Results17/5/19Mercury Laboratories Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Meritage Homes Corp. / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Metminco LtdS / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Michelin (Compagnie Générale d & # 39; Etablissements Michelin SCPA) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Morgan Ventures Ltd dematerialized / quarterly issues17/5/19Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS / quarterly figures17/5/19Mostostal Zabrze-Holding S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19MPS Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19MSA Safety Inc / AGM17/5/19MultiDocker Cargo Handling AB Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Musashi Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19National Peroxide Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19NEPI Rockcastle PLC Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Nicox SA provides regrouping / quarterly figures17/5/19Nireco Corp. / quarterly figures17/5/19Nivi Trading Ltd dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Nobilis Health Corp. / Quarterly results17/5/19Inform Technology Corp. / Quarterly figures17/5/19NRJ Group S.A. / Annual General Meeting17/5/19OHASHI TECHNICA INC. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Okeani & # 39; s Eco Tankers Corp Registered Shs Reg S / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Onward Technologies Ltd dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Paradox Interactive AB / AGM17/5/19Park Electrochemical Corp. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Parrot S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Parsharti Investment Ltd dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Pecos Hotels And Pubs Ltd / Quarterly figures17/5/19Petrol Ljubljana d.d. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Phoenix Mecano AG (I) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19PI Industries Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Piper Jaffray Companies / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Polski Holding Nieruchomosci S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Polskie Gorn. Naft. I Gazo. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Polyplex Corp. Limited Dematerialized / Quarterly17/5/19Polytex India Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly numbers17/5/19Porsche Holding SE Vz / Quarterly figures17/5/19Potential Investments & Finance Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Premia Foods / quarterly figures17/5/19ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGAa / Annual General Meeting17/5/19ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGAa / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd / AGM17/5/19Project S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Promact Plastics Ltd dematerialized / quarterly numbers17/5/19Prosperity Real Estate Investment Trust / AGM17/5/19PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Purple Innovation Inc. Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19QKL Stores Inc / Quarterly figures17/5/19Ravindra Energy Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Regaliaa Realty Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Republic Services Inc. / AGM17/5/19Republic Services Inc. / AGM17/5/19Resilux NV / AGM17/5/19Retail Estates SICAFI SA / quarterly figures17/5/19Robert Walters plc / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Robinson & # 39; s Retail Holdings Inc / Quarterly Results17/5/19RP-SG Business Process Services Ltd. Registered Shs / quarterly numbers17/5/19RP-SG Retail Ltd Registered Shs / quarterly numbers17/5/19Ruby Mills Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Ruia Aquaculture Farms Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Ruukki Group Oyj (A) / quarterly figures17/5/19S M Energy Teknik & Electronics Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19S.E.Investments Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19SA Floridienne NV / quarterly results17/5/19Say PLC / quarterly figures17/5/19Saw Petroleums Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly numbers17/5/19Sanghi Industries Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19SANYU CONSTRUCTION CO LTD / quarterly figures17/5/19Saratoga Resources Inc Tex / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19SATS Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19SDX Energy Inc / Quarterly figures17/5/19Selan Exploration Technology Ltd. Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Selena FM S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19ServisFirst Bancshares Inc / AGM17/5/19SHAKLEE GLOBAL GROUP INC. / Quarterly results17/5/19Shalimar Agencies Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19SHiDAX CORP / quarterly figures17/5/19Shimamura Corp. / AGM17/5/19Shinkin Central Bank Pfd Subs Cert / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Showa Holdings Co. Ltd / quarterly results17/5/19Shree Hari Chemicals Export Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Shree Precoated Steels Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Sical Logistics Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Silverpoint Infratech Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Sita Enterprises Ltd dematerialized / quarterly numbers17/5/19Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Skystone Capital S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Smart Finsec limited / quarterly figures17/5/19Sobha Developers Ltd Demateralized / quarterly figures17/5/19Sokensha Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Songwon Industrial Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Soni Medicare Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Soni Medicare Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Span Diagnostics Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Stefanel SPA Post raggruppamento / quarterly figures17/5/19Sterling Biotech Ltd dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19STS Group AG / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Sunmoon Food Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Svarnim Trade Udyog Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Swagtam Trading & Services Ltd / Quarterly figures17/5/19Swiss Glascoat Equipments Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Tallinna Sadam AS Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Tarriff Cine & Finance Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Techtronic Industries Co. LtdShs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19TECIL Chemicals & Hydro Power Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Tensho Electric Industries Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19The Chefs & # 39; Warehouse Inc. / AGM17/5/19The Flowr Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19The Western Union Company Shs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19The Western Union Company Shs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19THT Heat Transfer Technology Inc. / Quarterly results17/5/19TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORP / quarterly figures17/5/19Transcorp International Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Trend Electronics Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Triveni Enterprises Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd. (TEN Ltd.) / quarterly figures17/5/19Tsurumi Manufacturing Co. Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19TTI Enterprise Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19TuanChe Ltd (A) (sponsored ADR & # 39; s) / quarterly figures17/5/19Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd / Quarterly figures17/5/19TYK Corp. / quarterly numbers17/5/19UMW Holdings Bhd Shs / Quarterly17/5/19Unibail-Rodamco Se Titres compiles comp 1 Ac Unibail-Rodamco + 1 ac Unib-Rod WFD / AGM17/5/19Uniphos Enterprises Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Uni-president China Holdings Ltd / annual general meeting17/5/19UP Fintech Holding Ltd (A) (sponsored ADR & # 39; s) / quarterly figures17/5/19UPL Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Upsurge Investment & Finance Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Value Industries Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19VAT / annual general meeting17/5/19Vivo Bio Tech Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19VLS Finance Ltd Dematerialized / quarterly figures17/5/19Wabtec Corp. (Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp.) / AGM17/5/19WDM CAPITAL S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19Westag & Getalit AG (St.) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Westag & Getalit AG (St.) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Westag & Getalit AG (Vz.) / Annual general meeting17/5/19Westlake Chemical Corp. / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Weyerhaeuser co. / General meeting17/5/19Wistron Corp. / Quarterly results17/5/19WW Technology Holdings Ltd dematerialized / quarterly17/5/19Xinyuan Real Estate Ltd (sponsored ADR & # 39; s) / quarterly figures17/5/19Yawal S.A. / Quarterly figures17/5/19YETI Holdings Inc. Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Yokohama Maruuo Co., Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19Yoshitake Inc. / Quarterly Results17/5/19Yug Decor Ltd. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Yuma Energy Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Zee Learn Ltd / quarterly figures17/5/19AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd (H) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Bank of Qingdao Co., Ltd (H) Unit 144A-Reg S / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Chongqing Three Gorges Water Conservancy and Electric Power Co. Ltd. (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Double Coin Holdings Ltd (B) / AGM17/5/19Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Inc. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd (B) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19iSignthis Ltd / AGM17/5/19Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Qingdao Port International Co., Ltd (H) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shanxi Lanhua Sci-Tech Venture Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., Ltd (B) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Aucma Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Bank of China Ltd. / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Baotou Tomorrow Techonology Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Beijing Electronic Zone Investment and Development Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Datong Coal Industry Co., Ltd. (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Guizhou Changzheng Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19HeiLongJiang ZBD Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Henan Zhongyuan Expressway Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Hengan International Group Co. Ltd / AGM17/5/19Jilin Sino-Microelectronis Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Shandong Homey Aquatic Development Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd (B) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Tianjin Quanye Bazaar Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Yangmei Chemical Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Zhengping Road & Bridge Construction Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19China Distance Education Holdings Ltd (sponsored ADR & # 39; s) / AGM17/5/19Fangda Carbon New Material Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19FIH Mobile Ltd / AGM17/5/19Guangdong Rongtai Industry Co., Ltd (A) / Annual general meeting17/5/19Orient Overseas (International) LtdShs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Qinghai Huading Industrial Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Sichuan Hongda Co. Ltd (A) / Annual general meeting17/5/19West China Cement Ltd / AGM17/5/19Xinhu Zhongbao Co., Ltd (A) / Annual general meeting17/5/19AIA Group Ltd / AGM17/5/19BreakFree LtdS / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Force Commodities Limited / AGM17/5/19Guoan International Limited Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Red Fork Energy Ltd (sponsored ADR & # 39; s) / AGM17/5/19Shenzhen International Holdings Ltd / annual general meeting17/5/19Dicker Data Ltd / AGM17/5/19PBD Developments Ltd / AGM17/5/19China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co. Ltd. (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Huayi Electric Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Shanghai Laiyifen Co. Ltd. Registered Shs – A – / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Silmaasema PLC Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers17/5/19Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd (A) / Annual general meeting17/5/19Wuxi Xinje Electric Co. Ltd Registered Shs – A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Deluxe Family Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Hangzhou Tian-Mu-Shan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19JIANGSU WANLIN MODERN LOGISTICS CO LTD (A) / AGM17/5/19Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Ningbo Construction Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Ningbo Gaofa Automotive Control System Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Richemont / quarterly figures17/5/19Shanghai Carthane Co. Ltd. Registered Shs – A – / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shanghai Haibo Co., Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shanghai Lansheng Corp. (A) / General Meeting17/5/19Shenyang Commercial City Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Sichuan EM Technology Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Wolong Electric Group Co., Ltd. (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Aerosun Corporation (A) / AGM17/5/19A-Zenith Home Furnishings Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Changjiang & Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co. (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Chongqing Taiji Industry Co., Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Gansu Mogao Industrial Development Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd (H) / AGM17/5/19Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Guizhou Chitianhua Co., Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Hangzhou Cable Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Jiangsu Dingsheng new material Joint Stock Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19JIANGSU XINRI E-VEHICLE CO. LTD Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Kingclean Electric Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Kunshan Cherry Science & Technology Co. Ltd Registered Shs – A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Lafang China Co., Ltd. Registered Shs – A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Lionco Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Sailun Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Shandong Sacred Sun Power Sources Co., Ltd (A) / General Assembly17/5/19Shanghai 3F New Materials Co., Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shanghai Zhixin Electric Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Shenzhen Heungkong Holding Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Shenzhen Hopewind Electric Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Suzhou Jin Hong Shun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19The Pacific Securities Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Tianjin Realty Development (Group) Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Tibet Huayu Mining Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Top Energy Co. Ltd. Shanxi (A) / AGM17/5/19Wuxi New Hongtai Electrical Technology Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Xingguang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co. Ltd. (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Anhui Expressway Co. Ltd (H) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19AURORA OPTOELECTRONICS CO LTD (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Bank of Jiangsu Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / annual general meeting17/5/19BEIJING HOMYEAR CAPITAL HOLDINGS CO LTD (A) / AGM17/5/19Chong Qing Jianshe Motorcycle Co., Ltd (B) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Registered shs -A / annual general meeting17/5/19Citic Guoan Vine Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology Co. Ltd Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Dalian Sunasia Tourism Holding Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Gansujiu Steel Group Hong Xing Iron & Steel Co. Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19NBTM New Materials Group Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Offshore Oil Engineering Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Qibu Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shaanxi Aerospace Power Hi-Tech Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network Intermediary (Group) Co. Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shandong Bohui Paper Industrial Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Shandong Jiufa Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Shanghai Huili Building Materials Co., Ltd (B) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Shanghai Huitong Energy Resource Co., Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd. (A) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Thinkingdom Media Group Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Wuxi Shangji Automation Co., Ltd. Registered Shs-A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Langfang Development Co. Ltd (A) / AGM17/5/19ASTARTA Holding NV / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Ekspress GroupShs / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Henan Lianhua Gourmet Powder Co. Ltd (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19HUNAN BAILI ENGINEERING SCI & TECH CO. LTD Registered Shs -A / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Liberty Holdings Ltd / AGM17/5/19Meituan Dianping Registered Shs Unitary 144A Reg S / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Michelin (Compagnie Générale d & # 39; Etablissements Michelin SCPA) / Annual General Meeting17/5/19Sichuan Guangan AAA Public Co. Ltd. (A) / General Meeting of Shareholders17/5/19Sun Art Retail Group Ltd / AGM17/5/19LES NOUVEAUX CONSTRUCTEURS – LNC / Hauptversammlung17.05.19adesso AG / Hauptversammlung17.05.19AEGON N.V. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19ALUMETAL S.A. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Anoto Group AB Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19MERSEN / Hauptversammlung17.05.19SDX Energy Inc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19TIVOLYAct. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Unibail-Rodamco Se Titres composes Comp de 1 Ac Unibail-Rodamco + 1 Ac WFD Unib-Rod / Main Version17.05.19Bank of Georgia Group PLC Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLCShs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Hunters Property PLC / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Randgold & Exploration Co. Ltd. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19The Restaurant Group PLCShs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Derwent London PLC REIT / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Robert Walters plc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Irish Continental Group PLC Cons.of 1 Sh (CH24411198)and up to 10 Red Shs (Nil Issued) / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Real Estate Investors PLC / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Cairn Energy PLC / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Churchill China PLCShs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19New Wave Group ABShs -B- / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Centaur Media PLC / Hauptversammlung17.05.19CLX Communications AB / Hauptversammlung17.05.19IntercontinentalExchange Group Inc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Killam Properties Inc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Bango PLCShs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19CBRE Group Inc. (A) / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Edisun Power Europe AG / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc (A) When Issued / Hauptversammlung17.05.19John Menzies PLCShs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Medpace Holdings Inc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Phoenix Mecano AG (I) / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Watts Water Technologies Inc. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Atlatsa Resources Corp. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19International Game Technology PLC / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Leviathan Cannabis Group Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Morningstar Inc. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Orefinders Resources Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Tanger Factory Outlet Centers IncShs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Chesapeake Energy Corp Conv Pfd Shs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Chesapeake Energy Corp. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Diodes Inc. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Golden Minerals Co / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Macy's Inc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Weyerhaeuser Co. / Hauptversammlung17.05.19PowerOre Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Atossa Genetics Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen17.05.19Xiana Mining Inc / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Lassonde Industries Inc (A) Subord Voting / Hauptversammlung17.05.19Newstrike Brands Ltd Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung

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