Catholic church Carinthia: works council of the Gurk diocese praises Guggenberger

Current events in the Gurk diocese ensure that the presidents of the diocese comment.

KÄRNTEN. The instruction of the episcopal congregation not to publish the test report to the diocese was initially a "bitter disappointment" for many full-time employees of the diocese of Gurk: the chairmen of the works council, Leo Kudlicka and Gabriel Stabentheiner. You would expect that you could complete the Alois Schwarz era.

Respect and appreciation for Guggenberger

They praise the diocesan administrator Engelbert Guggenberger: "The way he and his team dealt with this ban and the rapid response and restructuring have turned the initial disappointment into joy and trust." There are many feedback from the staff in this respect.


The employees would feel that they were not alone in the time of the Sedisvakanz. "Over the past weeks and months, you have seen how clear, comprehensible and transparent decisions are discussed, made and communicated," they said. That is how a diocese should be managed in the 21st century. There was resistance against the Roman prohibition – within the Church and with the Carinthian Catholics.

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