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Danni Büchner after the death of Jens Büchner: I am not yet ready to change anything

Widow Daniela talks to Stern TV about the sudden death of her husband Jens Büchner and why she and her family mourn in public.

  • The popular "Goodbye Deutschland!" Star and pop singer Jens Büchner died on November 17, 2018 at the age of 49 from lung cancer.
  • Vox showed a special edition of "Goodbye Germany! Viva Mallorca!" On Monday, March 11, 2019, commemorating "Malle-Jens".
  • The show recalled the life of Jens Büchner and showed how his wife Daniela and his children as well as his companions are going after the serious loss today.
  • On "Stern TV" she speaks for the first time about life after the death of Jens Büchner.

Danni Büchner talks about life without a husband Jens Büchner

Update from March 14, 2019, 7.35 am: After seeing Jens the last moments on "Goodbye Deutschland" on Monday, his widow Danni Büchner spoke for the first time on "Stern TV" on "Stern TV" about the tragic loss and how she and the children, especially her grand children, to cope with it to grab. It is not the first time they have lost their father: "Suddenly the same thing happens again: I raise children without their father. Millions of women do that, I know that. And I am certainly not the only one. But I have five children of two different men and both have died. "Particularly shocking: the children learned about their father's death on Facebook and not Danni, while telling" Stern TV ".

Her mother Rosi also says that Danni Büchner had to endure a lot in life and that she admired her daughter because she could handle all this. But Danni sees it differently: "I couldn't handle anything." She also admits: "I will never be as happy as I was with my husband. It may be a different happiness in a different form. But this old Danni no longer exists. She went with him. & # 39;

Danni and Jens Büchner got to know each other

With "Stern TV", Danni returns to the place where she met Jens Büchner in 2015: her home town of Delmenhorst. The 41-year-old widow still remembers that her oldest daughter wanted to look like Malle-Jens during the city festival. "I thought, when I see the guy, I have to puncture him … Then he had the fluffy hair, the open shirt, the glittering pants and I just thought & # 39; Boah boy & # 39 ;. And then we talked first words and I thought, "Whoa, he is so nice," says Danni. Shortly thereafter, Danni visited Jens on Mallorca. And after those twelve days I knew I had to marry him, "she says. Four months later, Danni and her three children moved to Mallorca, to Jens. The two had their twins, married, and opened the" Faneteria. "

But then they took over: "At one point we were just overwhelmed by performances, & # 39; Faneteria & # 39 ;, the kids at home, two toddlers at home – at a certain point we didn't know where in front, back, and right. & # 39; That was also physically noticeable. Jens was in pain all the time and survived the day alone with pills. They had to close the "faneteria." Then the diagnosis: lung cancer, but the cancer had already spread. his head.

Danni Büchner is not yet ready for change

Danni still can't change anything at home. Everything is as it was: "His shirts are still hanging in the bedroom, even his cracked shower gel is still there, in our house everything is exactly as he left it. I am not yet ready to put anything down. & # 39;

Danni does not want to let in the criticism that she is so openly grieving: "I have to admit, I don't read most of it. It's like having a meal or a book. You read it once, you don't like it and you read it not twice. I always try to convince myself. And I think everyone has their own way of dealing with it and grieving. And my husband just lived in public and thought it was great. That's why I'm open to it. to show how we do it and how we deal with it. "

And how does it continue? "I try to follow in my husband's footsteps and continue the & # 39; Faneteria & # 39; that is a very important point. I will continue to take care of our family. But I think I will only be in the near future will take care of the mourning and my children. "One thing is certain: Mallorca will remain the home of Jens Büchner's family.

Jens Büchner: This is how the TV viewers responded to the "Goodbye Deutschland" episode

Update from 12 March 2019, 08.09 am: The TV viewers reacted differently to Jens Büchner's emotional review of the last few hours. "I find this program in no way morbid or unsavory, but rather a tribute to someone who has shaped the show extremely and as an attempt to process his death," a fan commented.

"For me, the widow's crocodile tears. First and foremost, I'm sorry. I still remember the condescending manner in which she presented the Büchner in the summer house. Real sorrow is not for the public," another writes.

"I don't really like the Jenserin. But I'm sorry," says another viewer.

Jens Büchner: Widow Daniela reports shocking details to Vox shortly before his death

Update from March 11, 2019, 8:50 PM: In the new episode of "Goodbye Germany", Daniela Büchner tells how she deals with the sudden death of her husband Jens. "Sometimes I catch myself walking upstairs while I & # 39; darling & # 39; yell at the kids, but then I realize that there is no one, & # 39; the 41-year-old says in tears." Or how I want to write to WhatsApp, but nothing comes back. "

Vox accompanied the family on one of their hospital visits, but gave up Jens' photos in the hospital bed. Only his hoarse voice is short to hear. "Oh God, that's nice," says Malle-Jens, when Daniela and the kids enter the room. A few days before his death, Danni Büchner took a photo with the cult emigrant, which she showed at "Goodbye Germany".

Further research by Jens Büchner showed that the 49-year-old has metastases in his head, ie cancer in a final stage. There is no hope that he will survive, the doctors say. For Mrs. Daniela "the world stopped". "I asked how many years he has left. But they said," No, we are not talking about years, but about months or days, "she shockingly reveals this shocking detail that was opened by doctors shortly before the death of her husband.

On November 17, 2018, Jens Büchner died of lung cancer in a clinic in Palma de Mallorca. Daniela would not admit it: "I shook him, kissed him and told him to get up …". Danni Büchner has the ashes of her deceased partner in an urn in the living room. This is permitted in Spain. "Jens is home now."

Video: This is how Jens Büchner must be remembered

Jens Büchner at "Goodbye Deutschland": special delivery at Vox

It will be the most emotional "Goodbye Germany!" Episode ever: on Monday 11 March Vox will broadcast a special program in memory of the popular reality star Jens Büchner. The famous TV emigrant died on November 17, 2018 at the age of 49 from lung cancer. In the "Goodbye Germany! The special edition of Viva Mallorca must be considered the life of" Malle-Jens "- a life full of ups and downs, complete strokes of destiny and an uncontrollable will, always aufzurappeln.

After the sudden cancer death of Jens Büchner in November, countless fans and celebrities were shocked. His wife Daniela thanked in a moving video message for the enormous sympathy. Together Schlagerstars organized a benefit concert in favor of the children of Jens Büchner – only in 2016 did Daniela and Jens Büchner have twins. In the run-up to the concert, however, there were serious accusations against the organizers.

What happens in "Goodbye Germany! Viva Mallorca" especially for Jens Büchner?

There is no regular "Goodbye Deutschland!" Episode on Monday, which was clear in advance, but a farewell to a popular TV star.

After "Danni" had long withdrawn from the audience and was seen in only a few appearances, the audience now learns how they have dealt with their bad loss and what it is like for them, the children and the Fan Café on Mallorca, who Jens and Danni have shared, continues.

Particularly dramatic: even the last days of the terminally ill singer, who he spent in a hospital in Mallorca, are shown. According to Vox, both Jens and his wife Daniela have explicitly agreed to the filming, such as tz.de * reported. "It was always clear to us that we had the family decide whether this material would be broadcast," said the private broadcaster.

In the new episode of the emigrant documentary, cameras & # 39; s accompany the family to Büchner's bed – but don't show it. Only his hoarse voice can be heard. You can see the concerned looks of his wife and children. When the family learns that Büchner has metastases in his head and only has a few days left to live, filming is stopped. From the beginning it says: "The last days in the life of Jens Büchner Daniela visit him without a camera."

Voice: How do you like the public display of the last days of Jens Büchner?

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