Deutsche Telekom challenged Netzagentur for 5G auction

Bonn (APA / dpa) – Like the network operators, Telefonica (O2) and Vodafone are now also suing the German Telekom after a media message due to the rules for frequency allocation with the new portable radio standard 5G. "From the beginning we said that the conditions imposed on the auction are unrealistic and create legal uncertainty," said a company spokesman for the "World" (the Wednesday edition).

The frequencies for the mobile radio standard 5G are being auctioned in the spring. 5G stands for the fifth mobile generation. The network should bring mobile internet much faster. This is especially important for the industry, for example in autonomous driving. The transfer rate is about 100 times higher than 4G (LTE). The network operators have to take a lot of money for the frequencies in the hand. Their fear: if they are too high, they will not earn enough.

The German Federal Network Agency had again tightened the conditions for the allocation of 5G frequencies under pressure from politicians. Above all, the companies were asked more extensive requirements for the expansion of the radio networks. Moreover, these are against standard values ​​when roaming, ie when using networks by competitors.

"The tightened expansion requirements go far beyond what the Federal Network Agency has previously described as reasonable and proportionate," the "world" quoted the telecom. The implementation of these conditions is not realistic from the perspective of today. Moreover, the telecom defies guidelines for opening their network for their competitors. "The completely unclear regulations regarding national roaming endanger investments, especially in rural areas," said the telecom spokesperson.

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