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Dieter Bohlen: Is he from the DSDS now? Instagram post bursts bomb

Dieter Bohlen exploded the album bomb on Instagram and now the following shock moment for fans of the 65-year-old: Is this about his departure from DSDS?

  • Dieter Bohlen burst the bomb on Instagram: there is no new album!
  • The DSDS star opted for a lack of time against the album and for the tour in Germany
  • The six-time father wants more time for girlfriend Carina and his children
  • Will Dieter Bohlen now also step out of DSDS?

Update April 30, 2019: Dieter Bohlen recently shocked his fans with the news that there will be no new album from the Poptitans. He just missed the time and his family would continue, the DSDS judge said on Instagram.

Now the following shock moment for the fans of the former Modern Talking musician: Will his children and girlfriend Carina also follow the DSDS exit?

Dieter Bohlen: Is a member of the DSDS jury?

Will the iconic RTL casting show take place from 2010 without Dieter Bohlen? For fans of the DSDS, veteran and secret star of the show are unthinkable! After the grand finale of the current DSDS season at the weekend, Dieter Bohlen finally asked a fan to ask if he would be in the jury again next year and finally broke the bomb: "I & # 39; m clear! ". A short sentence that his fans should have made for great relief

Dieter Bohlen has a shock message for his fans – not a new album!

Original report of 25 April 2019: Every day Dieter Bohlen answers on Instagram with small, sometimes entertaining excerpts from his daily life. In the short video & # 39; s, named by Poptitan "Dieters Tagesschau", he delighted his fans with his positive, open nature, but this time the DSDS star has unexpected sad news, as nordbuzz.de * reported.

Dieter Bohlen shock fans: no new album for girlfriend Carina?

It is really terrible news that Dieter Bohlen announces on Instagram – and they are dealing with his family, especially with girlfriend Carina. The 65-year-old is bursting with bombs: there will be no new Dieter Bohlen album! "Guys, I don't have any good news for you today, I'll make it short, no album comes from people I can't do," confessed the DSDS jury. The decision is certainly not an easy one for Dieter, because his fans were already eagerly awaiting the release of the album, which should also include a song with Pietro Lombardi. Incidentally, Dieter Bohlen is currently looking for a suitable friend for DSDS, as reported by nordbuzz.de *.

Dieter Bohlen on girlfriend Carina: "Because of concerts, that's already amok"

The planned tour of the DSDS judges in Germany will certainly take place. In the Instagram video, Dieter Bohlen confesses: "Either album or tour, I'm so far on the tour, I just can't make it on time to finish this album." With the unexpected news, the Poptitan will probably hit so many fans off their heads. Now an ugly suspicion is sprouting: did Dieter decide against the new album because of Carina? Recently the DSDS star hinted that friend Carina is not exactly satisfied with the current, extremely time-consuming projects of her lover. "Yes, she doesn't know that yet with the album, she can watch RTL. Yes, that is because of the concerts, it goes through amok ", Dieter Bohlen betrayed at that time.

Family man Dieter Bohlen: DSDS jury member chooses girlfriend Carina and children for new album

But Dieter Bohlen is just not a real workhorse and successful businessman, but also a driven family man. When in doubt, the six-fold father always decides in favor of his family. That is why his call to his fans is: "There is still a family, I have my children – little understanding!" Dieter Bohlen recently surprised his followers with a happy message, as reported by nordbuzz.de *: "Offspring with the Bohlens!"

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