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Diocese of Klagenfurt: Visitor expects personal consequences

Salzburg, Klagenfurt – The report of the apostolic visitation of the diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt is ready. However, working out the conflicts there is at its best at the beginning; neither the "honest and timely conversation" as a condition for a good deal in Klagenfurt is possible, says the Co-Visitor and Feldkirch Bishop Benno Elbs.

Pope Francis had commissioned the Archbishop Franz Lackner from Salzburg for the visitation. Reasons were violent inward – Diözesane arguments about the office of Bishop Alois who had meanwhile changed to St. Pölten – the speech was maladministration and the unexplained role of a close-knit colleague. Against both – black and known – the public prosecutor determined Graz on suspicion of infidelity.

Salzburg & # 39; s Archbishop Franz Lackner led the visitation.

Salzburg & # 39; s Archbishop Franz Lackner led the visitation.


Lackner came to the conclusion of the investigation with his team – including Elbs – the media yesterday. The main findings: "There was a" diocese in a state of emergency, "said Lackner, with much shocked confidence and fear among employees and believers," through all layers. "

From an economic point of view, the research team notes that no church contributions have been misused. Nevertheless, there is "great potential for improvement" in economic management, for example with regard to ecclesiastical regulations. No subject was the bishop's employee during the media meeting.

The visitation report covers 50 pages and goes first to the Apostolic Nunciature in Vienna and from there to the Vatican. There is also a decision about the possible consequences of the affair. According to Lackner, it is unlikely that anything will happen. "I cannot imagine that there are personal consequences."

It is open whether the report will be published. Lackner did not want to comment on that. In any case, it would first of all be necessary to clarify the privacy and privacy rights of both the employee and the interviewer: the visitators conducted interviews with 200 people and had 2600 written contacts. Many people would have initially shown themselves anxious and suspicious and could only open them to absolute discretion, Elbs said.

The conflict with the interim leadership of the Gurk-Klagenfurt diocese has not been resolved. Administrator Engelbert Guggenberger and Gurk Cathedral are in the first row of black critics. They brought the affair to the public last fall. The relationship with Lackner also visibly deteriorated in the weeks of the visitation. For example, at the start of the fasting period, Lackner invited a & # 39; penance and prayer hour & # 39; that Guggenberger kept out in protest.

Finally, the cathedral chapter complained that there was not enough time to look at the finished report. Not true, the visitators responded yesterday. It would also have been reasonable to come to Salzburg. (APA, sabl)

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