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Duchess Meghan and Baby Archie: with this new photo it melts all hearts

Duchess Meghan surprised her fans on Instagram with an unusual post on Mother's Day.

Update from 12 MayJust a week after she first became the mother of Baby Archie, Duchess Meghan (37) sent Instagram greetings for Mother's Day. "Appreciation for all mothers today – past, present, future and deceased, but always remembered," Meghan wrote on Sunday on the official bill she leads with Prince Harry (34). She also placed a photo of baby feet in the hands of a female hand. It should be Meghan & # 39; s hand with Baby Archie's feet.

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Pay homage to all mothers today – past, present, expectant mothers and those who have been lost but remembered forever. We honor and celebrate everyone. Today is Mother's Day in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya, Japan and various countries in Europe. This is the first Mother's Day for the Duchess of Sussex. Quote from "lands": my mother was my first country; the first place I have ever lived. Photo © SussexRoyal

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In fact, Mother's Day is celebrated in Great Britain in March. However, in the US, Germany and many other countries it was committed on the second Sunday of May. Meghan, who currently enjoys the company of her mother Doria Ragland (62), can look forward to two Mother's Day a year in the future.

Meghan and Baby Archie: Lip Reader clarifies what Harry whispered to them

Update from May 11, 1:13 pm: Baby Sussex – or, as it is now officially called: Archie Harrison – has completely missed his first performance in public. Archie sauntered peacefully in Prince Harry's arms when he and Duchess Meghan first appeared before you. Because he did not wake his offspring, he whispered to Meghan several times during his performance at St. George's Hall. What exactly? This now has a lip reader opposite Fantastic digital betray.

Just before the royal couple turned to the media, Harry would have told Meghan "to turn around," says Tina Lannin. "He's so quiet," Harry said enthusiastically later. As he entered the hall, Harry looked at his Meghan and whispered, "Let's go." What followed was a look at his son and a single word that said, "Great."

Baby Sussex is here: secret behind a special name "Archie" probably revealed

16:42: Baby Sussex is already a few days old, but the swirl around its extraordinary name does not stop. Archie Harrison is the name of the first son of Meghan and Harry, as the proud parents announced Wednesday. And although all Royals fans have now accepted that Baby Sussex is not called Philip or Alexander, as most had expected, the world still wonders how the couple got their name.

An insider and friend of the Meghans family now reveals the secret behind the sweet name. Like he the British news portal The sun told Meghan and her mother Doria had had a hangover years ago. And surprise: his name was Archie!

"Doria saved Archie and he became an important part of the household," the insider explains, adding, "Meghan loved to play with her and she always talked to him about her friends. It's no surprise that she her new baby named Archie. She loved these males. "The cat itself would be named after a cartoon character who loved Meghan in her youth. The former actress is said to have often visited vintage stores with her father Thomas to buy & # 39; Archie & # 39; comics.

Does the Duchess of Sussex want to make contact with her father in this way? According to the family friend, it could be very good: "This could be a way to reach your father even after all this has happened," he said. thesun.co.uk, It's no secret that the relationship between Meghan and the 74-year-old is extremely complicated. Just before birth, the former director from Pennsylvania made a controversial statement about the baby.

Baby there: Insider reveals the first details about young family – and how Harry talks about Meghan

Update from May 10 at 6:47 pm: As soon as little Archie arrives, Harry has to leave. On May 9 there was already an appointment in the Netherlands, because he had to stir the drum for the Invictus Games 2020. The happy father told his friend JJ Chalmer that his little descendant slept with Meghan during the first 24 hours before he got hungry and attention from his parents wanted. Chalmer has shared this nice 24-hour report from Archie with the British Hello! magazine, "He said it was great, but also that a lot of hard work was involved. And he said that Archie slept through the first 24 hours, just like all babies do … and then he woke up , "says JJ Chalmer.

He also noticed how happy Harry is and that he is shining over his ears. "Like any father, he radiates much more when he talks about his son and how proud he is of his wife and how she takes care of everything during his current absence," Chalmer continues. And since he himself is the father of a daughter, he appreciates the fact that Harry has come because releasing his baby is not easy.

Meghan and Harry: embarrassing accident with the announcement of the birth of Baby Archie

7.40 pm: On Monday, it finally announced what the world had been waiting for – the birth of the royal baby. At 2.30 p.m. local time, the official Twitter account of the British royal family announced the good news. The funny thing about it: it had been several hours since birth. Meghan & # 39; s and Harry & # 39; s Mini-Royal were born at 5:26 am local time. It now appeared that the announcement would have been delayed due to a technical malfunction.

how daily mail The new PR consultant, Sara Latham, was responsible for the press failure. She couldn't inform the international media faster because emails were stuck in the system. The PR consultant, who worked for the Clintons and Obama, explained the accident: there was a "colossal technical failure", so the news didn't come in most mailboxes for a few hours. loud daily mail The palace officially apologized on Tuesday for the "inconvenience", some media got the message on time, others late or not, due to "technical problems in Windsor".

We are also eagerly awaiting a baby in another place, because Kim Kardashian's fourth baby is on its way. Your surrogate currently has work.

Video: How Twitter users respond to the name of Baby Sussex

Meghan and Harry & # 39; s Baby: Well-known moderator fired after incredible explanation

4.12 pm: The birth of the royal baby caused worldwide enthusiasm, but now a well-known BBC radio host was fired. The British channel fired moderator Danny Baker after commenting on the birth of the new descendants in the British royal family with a photo of a well-dressed couple with a chimpanzee in a suit. Danny Baker provided the image with the line "The Royal Baby Leaves the Hospital". Given that the son of Prince Harry and Meghan has African-American ancestors, it praised racist accusations. Not only listeners, but also his employer criticized the published image in the most powerful terms.

Baker quickly removed the photo and the entire tweet and apologized for "possible associations." However, the BBC was not satisfied with that, she announced Baker & # 39; s resignation as presenter on Radio 5 Live on Thursday, where the Twitter message said "the values ​​that we want to embody as a station".

Baker criticized his resignation. He would never have dreamed that anyone could associate his tweet with racism: "I would have used the same stupid image for any other royal birth, or for a Boris Johnson child or even a child of mine. A funny photo," he insisted .

ITV news presenter Charlene White criticized the Twitter message as "unacceptable." "Setting a photo of a three-day-old baby with mixed roots like a monkey and then claiming it is a joke – that's old-fashioned prejudice and racism at its best," she wrote.

After Meghan & # 39; s baby appearance: that means the extraordinary name – so popular is "Archie" in Germany

11.43 am: The announcement of the name of the newest royal offspring should have caused confusion for many fans. James, Albert or Alexander – many fans preferred more classic names for the number seven in the series of successions. But what is behind the extraordinary choice "Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor"? Really often the name does not appear in Germany so far. "Archie" was named just two boys last year, "Harrison" was awarded 19 times, as the Gesellschaft für Deutschsprachige announced on Thursday. Both names are typically English, but have old-high German roots.

"Archie" is therefore a short form of "Archibald", which has taken over the Old French "Archimbald" from the Old High German "Erkenbald" in English. "Erchan" means "solid, distinguished, excellent", "fast" means "fat".

When the second name "Harrison" many had already discovered the meaning of "Harry & # 39; s son," the Society for German language said. "Harry" is a subsidiary of "Henry", which in turn goes back to the German "Heinrich". The meaning of the name is suitable for a royal baby: "home" stands for "home, home" and "rich" for "ruler, powerful". According to the association, the name must therefore be understood as the "ruler of the house". "Henry" is also very popular in Germany. Last year 1.03 percent of the boys were called so, so in the list of popular names "Henry / Henri" rose from the twelfth to the ninth.

After the baby's appearance: was the queen ignored during the first encounter? – Photo published by meeting

10.04 clock: Now that he finally has a name, Archie Harrison was officially revealed to the world on Wednesday. The announcement of the name took place in an unusual way, the newly-baked parents published the statement on their own Instagram page. The queen herself was allowed to meet the boy on Wednesday. In Windsor Castle, mother Meghan and father Harry introduced their Archie Harrison to the queen. The two of them shared a snapshot of exactly that moment with their fans. On the photo next to Father Prince Harry you can also see Prince Philip and Meghan & # 39; s mother Doria.

Duchess Meghan holds her son in her arms, the queen cheerfully smiles at the boy. An enchanting moment shared by the royal family here with their fans. During this meeting, Queen Elizabeth must be the first to look at the royal descendants. However, when the public appearance of the small family was denounced, the queen was not actually the first visitor to the little Archie Harrison. In fact, you Prince Philip came earlier! "We just met the duke, that was really nice," said Prince Harry during the public press conference. As happy as Queen Elizabeth illuminates her eighth great-grandchild in the snapshot, she cannot be angry about her husband's attention.

Baby's first appearance: with which tradition Meghan and Harry broke here – name revealed

Update from May 9, 6:46 pm: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have often proved that they are not so concerned about the traditional demands of the palace. At the first public appointment as a small family, the self-will of the couple showed itself again. While Meghan had already decided to give up a photo session immediately after birth and did not want to see the public until two days after birth, the newly beaten parents also made a clear statement on Wednesday.

Public photo sessions shortly after birth are a tradition in the royal family. So far the parents have joined the newborn with the press, the baby has always held the mother in her arms. Both Lady Diana and Duchess Kate followed this tradition. On Wednesday, however, it was Prince Harry who held his son in his arms and cast a first glance at the number seven on the throne. It is not known why the couple, who had been married for exactly one year, chose this zodiac sign.

Royal Baby: Harry and Meghan Markle reveal names of "Baby Sussex" – the news of May 8

5:50 p.m. The name of the royal baby is here! On the day of her first baby appearance, Mama Meghan and Daddy Harry announced what their name would be. The little prince gets his name Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to hear. This was announced on her by the proud parents
Instagram channel.

Earlier, the Duchess and Duke of Sussex had introduced their firstborn grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (93). For the English regent it is the eighth great-grandchild.

However, Archie is unlikely to lead a title – at least one insider's report. "They have decided not to choose the usual title." Instead of the Count of Dumbarton, a title currently led by Daddy Harry, Meghan's first-born child and the Duke of Sussex is only called Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Meghan and Harry with their first baby appearance: fans are particularly enthusiastic about a detail

15:56: It is THE message of the day. Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry attended the press in the afternoon, at the public appointment the number seven on the throne was presented to the public. The 37-year-old charmed with her natural appearance, vanities was no trace at the photo shoot. In a white, plain dress by Givenchy and open hair, the newly veiled mother seemed a little tired in the camera. Above all, her figure in the social networks for much approval, the duchess is still open to her little safe.

"Respect Meghan! Because you don't hide your belly after birth" and "I think she sent a clear message with this show", many fans are enthusiastic about Twitter.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry proudly showed their son.

© dpa / Dominic Lipinski

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry step in front of the camera – first photo of "Baby Sussex"

13:43: Although the name of the little one has not yet been released, the images of the royal baby are especially enchanting. The small family talks about the balanced and calm nature of her son. "He has a great temperament and is very calm", Mama Meghan explains with a smile on her face. "He looks different every day, we still can't tell who he looks like," the Duchess continues. Prince Harry, however, proudly announces: "He already has some facial hair." The name of the offspring was not yet announced during the public appointment, generous fans have to wait even further. When exactly the title and the name of the little one will be betrayed is not yet known.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry proudly display their son.

© dpa / Dominic Lipinski

3.41 clock: It's time! The family comes for the cameras & # 39; s! In a white dress, Mama Meghan steps in front of the cameras, her husband holds the "bundle of happiness" in his arms. "I have the two best boys in the world, I am very happy", the duchess says immediately at the start of the appointment. While mom Meghan talks about the descendant, Prince Harry cheerfully shines into the camera.

13:18: Nobody was allowed to view the royal baby. Before "Baby Sussex" is introduced to the public, the queen can meet the newborn. The queen apparently meets the royal family since 12 noon, after which the newly-married parents are likely to step in front of the cameras. Ultimately, however, only an official photo will be published by the palace, so that the public has not been informed so far.

00:59: The young family appears in front of the camera in a few minutes. how RTL reports, four selected camera teams may report on family performance. This will probably reveal the baby's name.

00:34: Although the birth of "Baby Sussex" is two days ago, there is still confusion about the little boy's name. But the title of the royal family also raises questions. Although the apparently unnamed baby has a prince as father, this title can now be withheld from the baby. Only the Queen determines personally, namely whether "Baby Sussex" will be addressed as a Prince. But that would make many promises about the number seven on the throne. A responsibility that could save Meghan her son.

Generous experts also suspect that the baby can be addressed in the future with the title "Earl of Dumbarton". This secret will also be revealed by newlywed parents at the public meeting this Wednesday.

Video: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry step in front of the camera

Update, 10:55 am: Royal fans can't wait, when will Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry finally come to the press? However, the beautiful couple is already polarizing with a decision, because apparently an American journalist can also be present at the appointment of the press. In the announcement of such large royal decisions usually only British representatives on the ground report, now also the American broadcaster can CBS send a journalist to the meeting with the young family.

According to DailyMail, none should be less than Gayle King, the American journalist has already been invited by Meghan to her baby party. As the newspaper continues to report, the decision was not particularly well received by insiders of the palace.

In the meantime, "Baby Sussex" can look forward to a traditional gift. Markus Söder gives the royal family leather pants.

Meghan & # 39; s Baby: are the royal offspring presented to the public today?

London – On Monday the news of the British royal family reached us, to which Royal fans had been feverish for weeks: Meghan & # 39; s baby is here! Early in the morning at 5.26 a.m. local time in London, Meghan brought the royal family to the media in a luxury London hospital to the world. The boy must be loud at birth such a weigh approximately 3260 grams and is completely healthy.

The good news was only shown to the public in the afternoon. That was a clear explanation of the newly baked parents: unlike, for example, Prince William and his Kate, who presented their children shortly after birth, Harry and Meghan wanted to leave the moment of birth more private. They had previously announced that they would take their time with the baby's first public appearance. So much fresh breeze at Buckingham Palace is not good for everyone – with the queen it is because of Meghan & # 39; s breaks with the royal tradition already a loud battle.

When is the audience confronted with Meghan & # 39; s baby?

But when can the public catch a glimpse of Baby Sussex? When the radiant father went to the press on Monday, Harry announced loudly Daily Mirror that The intention is to make a public announcement on Wednesday "so that everyone can see the baby." So are we already seeing the new number seven of the British succession today?

What's the name of Meghan's baby?

Another question concerning the observers of the British royal family: what name does the first son of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry bear? This mystery can also be solved today when Meghan and Harry go to the press with their son. Although the boy's title, Count of Dumbarton, is already known, there are still many speculations about his name.

Already around the royal baby there was a small scandal on German television: serious accusations were made against RTL presenter Birgit Schrowange after a questionable question.

All information about the birth and the first night of the Royal Baby can be read here.


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