Geminids are approaching: shooting stars is coming up

DISTRICT FREE CITY. One of the most beautiful meteorites of the year reaches its climax today: the Gemini's promise tonight, where it is really dark, a real falling star rain.

Experience shows that the swarm named after the constellation Gemini (Latin twins) produces a very large and bright shooting of stars. Dark spots are best suited far away from places with lots of light to view the "skylights" from before Christmas. With perfect observation conditions you can see up to 120 shooting stars per hour.

Moon disturbs the look

The moon, which is currently about a quarter visible, stands deep in the south during the evening. One should therefore not look in his direction – he is too light and disturbs the eye when looking for shooting stars. The falling stars can appear throughout the night sky, so it is not necessary to know where the Gemini constellation is. If you have a little patience and warm clothing, you will probably be rewarded with particularly beautiful and bright shooting stars – now in the advent event, to send a secret Christmas wish to the cosmic journey!

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