Kate Middleton: Thanks to THIS guest, Kate and William are in love with each other

Prince William and Kate Middleton have always kept a certain distance in public. In public tenderness, fans of the British royal family usually wait in vain. But that seems to change a short time. Has Prince William stolen this new behavior?

Kate Middleton and Prince William: Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle their big role models?

Prince William is clearly looking at his younger brother, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, from. At least when it comes to dearStatements become public. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle As you know, they show their young love very openly. Unlike his older brother William. He was always very affectionate to his wife Kate Middleton, at least in public.

That now seems to change. And also body language expert Judi James tells the British online news magazine "Mail Online" that the royal couple is acting "happy and relaxed". She is certain that William will take his younger brother Harry and his wife Meghan as a model in this respect. The newly married couple had Prince William and his wife Kate helped to revive the fire of their love.

Prince William openly shows his affection for wife Kate Middleton

Last weekend, Prince William was at the commemoration day for the fallen of the First World War London his hand on the back of his wife. But this gesture not only showed loving affection. With his spread thumb he also indicates that he also wants to protect his Meghan.

Also on October 12 this year, the wedding Princess William also showed Prince William this tender but protective gesture as he laid his hand on the back of his wife Kate. Body language expert Judi James is convinced that the couple with these gestures of affection also wants to reassure and protect each other in public performances.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: a new impetus for their love thanks to the Meghan effect

Kate & # 39; s pregnancy with Louis Moreover, the Duke of Cambridge seems to have ignited new tender feelings. Because since then he regularly shows public tenderness to his wife Kate MiddletonHowever, the real reason for the increased exchange of affection between the royal couple is the "Meghan effect", Judi James is certain.

Although it is "usually the younger sibling who mimics or mirrors the elder, in the case of Harry and Williams, William seems to take his younger brother and his wife as role models," James explains. If a couple has been married for a long time, it sometimes takes a younger, newly married couple to revive the romance.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: have they lost their love?

Kate Middleton and Prince Williamhave been married for seven years and a couple for about 15 years, albeit with some interruptions. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle however, newlyweds and only two years are a few. And the fresh-loving people also like to share their happiness with the whole world. That seems to be waving on Kate and William.

Nevertheless, Kate Middleton and Prince William are much more economical with public tenderness. The fact that Kate and Harry have been married for seven years is not the only reason for their reluctance to do so. Judi James suspects that the couple does not want to give the public or the media any room for speculation about alleged marital problems and therefore always distances themselves from public appearances.

Kate Middleton and Prince William do not want to repeat the mistakes of Prince Charles and Lady Di

The two princes burned children in this respect because of the parental warfare of their parents. "Diana and Charles created a body language soap" and revealed a lot through their "expressive non-verbal behavior," James explains.

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