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Mass murder in live stream – "Apparently there are many people who know no boundaries" – News

The terror of Christchurch was streamed live on Facebook. The social network has announced that they have now deleted the video. And the New Zealand police are asking all media users not to share the video. Nevertheless, it is cheerfully uploaded. Some internet users seem to know no boundaries, says SRF digital editor Peter Buchmann – and the social networks don't use the recipe to prevent this.

Peter Buchmann

Peter Buchmann

SRF digital editor

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Peter Buchmann has been working at the SRF Digital Office since 2013. He previously worked as a developer. Buchmann looks back on a degree in Japanese studies, sinology and computer sciences.

SRF news: there are many calls, the video cannot be shared. Why doesn't this work?

Facebook has deleted the video. But it is recirculated time and again on all kinds of platforms. There are of course many people who know no boundaries.

I can imagine that Twitter is currently technically overwhelmed by the situation.

For the social networks it is not trivial to develop a filter for the video in a short time. The impression is that Facebook and Twitter are not prepared for this case.

Why does Twitter just hesitate to delete such videos & # 39; s? So the company has to take a lot of criticism?

Twitter has been very reluctant in the past to censor content. One can only speculate why Twitter does not respond in this case. I can imagine that the social network is currently just technically overwhelmed by the situation.

Facebook and Co. have promised to stop the proliferation of violent videos in the future more quickly. Is it technically possible to prevent the live broadcast of a murder?

Moderators and moderators cannot see the flow of live streams. And with purely technical means to detect a bloodbath in a live stream, I consider it impossible.

If you distribute this video & # 39; s, you support the assassin in his plans.

The video of New Zealand's assassin has similarities to game records. These video & # 39; s are not censored by social media. That is why I assume that filters for such content are missing.

We have become accustomed to the flow of images these days. Everything is filmed and photographed. How handy is it that you even need restrictions?

Restrictions are useful in this case. The hit man who filmed the live stream has described his approach in a manifesto. He writes that he has chosen automatic firearms to maximize the impact. He intensifies this effect with the live stream. If you distribute this video & # 39; s even more now, you still support the assassin in his plans.

The interview was conducted by Sonja Mühlemann.

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