Sarah’s “Masked Singer” Trophy is Broken! It’s his fault – TV

That is bitter! Just one day after Sarah Lombardi’s victory in “Masked Singer”, her trophy was damaged.

Wednesday night, Sarah Lombardi proudly held up her “Masked Singer” trophy to the camera. Now it is broken! On Instagram, the singer shows how she tries to glue the damaged trophy back together.

“The clumsy one” is to blame

Sarah was not to blame for the accident, but her fiancée Julian Büscher. “And then it happened… Our first trophy together. Then he got so nervous,” she explains. She has not disclosed what exactly happened. All she said was, “If your husband is happy at Christmas as a little kid and then the clumsy one will come out.”

But she doesn’t seem really mad at him. On Thursday morning, he accompanied her to the recordings for the breakfast television Sat.1. There she raved about him again: “He got up at five.”

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