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Strache zu Küssel: "No contact and nothing to do with him"

And further in the interview with Kiss: Strache to the VAPO (Popular loyalty outside parliamentary opposition)-Wehrsportaktionen never participated. "Some academic companies" had done something similar in parallel with us, some of us were known, that was true Strache also with on ".

I have to get to know each other Kiss the current Vice-Chancellor, when this was "around 14" (around 1983). In the 1980s, the current Vice Chancellor "took part in the campaign for our former & # 39; foreigners who stop the movement & # 39 ;.

Expert: "Küssel indicates, Strache is black"

in front of Bernhard Weidinger it is clear from the documentation archive that Kiss want to propose Strache be blackmailed. Whether that only serves its own profile or even has content, well known Kiss. Strache and their former companions alone. "

"Küssels' statement would be relatively irrelevant if Strache would treat his past with more sincerity, "says Weidinger continue: "Something like Sellner does that The difference between the two is that one of his past in the Neo-Nazism not denied. when Strache would say: & # 39; Yes, I was active in neo-Nazi circles and associated with neo-Nazis & # 39; sbecause she neo-Nazis & # 39; s were – but that was a mistake and long gone & # 39 ;, and not & # 39; I stopped there once, met this or that once, and (the German national and far-right politician who died Norbert in 1992) I only knew because I was his citizen Daughter loved, but I was never part of the scene & # 39; – the blackmail issue would not arise, "says Weidinger to the COURIER. "Because whatever happens Kiss it can fit into the story in the talon. "

"Legally clear – or repeal"

in front of Thomas Drozda, Federal Director of the SPÖare the "relevant connections of the rector and FPÖ leader in the neo-nazi scene are anything but surprising and now well documented. But I wonder why I received a call from the President in plenary yesterday (Thursday) Wolfgang Sobotka because I have these connections through a quote from Daniel Kehlmann addressed. "

For the Vice Chancellor:Strache must be the cause Kiss – also by legal means – clarify or withdraw immediately ", so Drozda,

NEOS Spokeswoman Stephanie Krisper commented on the interview passages: "It can't be one of the most infamous neo-Nazis & # 39; s Republic can put pressure on the vice-chancellor of the republic. The citizens deserve it, not to wonder what all of this is due to government participation FPÖ. "

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