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The first beta version of Android Q is here

The first beta version of Android Q is here

MOUNTAIN VIEW. Clearer, with more functions and support for folding phones.

The first beta version of Android Q is here

Android Q is expected to be released in August Image: Samsung / Google

Google gives Android users a taste of the next version of their mobile operating system. The beta version of Android Q (also known as Android 10) has recently become available. Owners of a Pixel smartphone can download and test it.

The Biggest News Google will probably still save the internal I / O Developer Conference in May, but there are already some new features that you can discover now. An overview:

Dark mode: Google uses a black background in this new mode. The dark mode provides access to both the entire system and the apps.

Permissions at a glance: Android developers strive to make the rights of each app clearer. Users can now see at a glance which apps have access to the camera.

The Back button disappears: slowly but surely, Google is saying goodbye to the Back button. In the current version Android P this is always displayed when it is needed. The gestures have also been revised by the developers.

Share and forward: if you want to share a photo, this can be less cumbersome than before (also in apps).

Unlock with Face ID: face recognition has already been introduced by some manufacturers, now it is also part of the operating system.

Apps in the background: applications can only start new activities when they are in the foreground. This is to stop fraudulent apps.

Functions for mobile Fold phones: with the arrival of foldable smartphones, Google must also adapt its operating system to the new circumstances.

WLAN: A WLAN can be saved in the settings and passed on to other users via QR code.

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