UNIQA is gradually removing coal insurance

Vienna (APA) – The UNIQA insurance group no longer accepts new contracts in the coal energy sector and no longer invests in this sector. Together with the existing customers, people are looking for exit options until the year 2025, the UNIQA explained on Friday. The anti-coal strategy of the UNIQA insurance group was immediately welcomed by the environmental organization Greenpeace.

With the long-term reduction of the risk of coal business, people want to contribute to achieving the climate goals, so that the company is in a deployment. Since January 31, the Group has withdrawn its investment in the coal industry, has not made any new investments in the coal sector and has committed since the beginning of 2019 not to take any new risks as an insurer in the coal industry, coal mines and coal-fired power stations. Other European insurers have also been returning their investments in the coal sector for some time. The Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), the second domestic listed insurance group, has also since this year no longer subscribed to a new coal activity.

Greenpeace sees the new UNIQA strategy for coal exit as a & # 39; clear signal to politicians and industry & # 39; that coal is an outdated model. It was high time to put the killer number one on the climate killer, so a release. Coal accounts for 46 percent of global CO2 emissions.

More and more banks and insurance companies worldwide are stepping out of financing coal. More than 100 major financial institutions have reduced their coal financing or insurance since the first announcement by the World Bank in 2013, a new February study by the Cleveland-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), Ohio said.

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