After the canceled exhibition: American justice focuses on Tesla

New York –

The American car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed reports of investigation by the US Department of Justice to the canceled exit of the company. After the announcement of manager Elon Musk to get the group out of the stock market, Tesla received a request from the ministry last month. The company told the AFP news agency on request.

Tesla had cooperated with the authorities and handed over the requested documents. There was no summons or request for a statement, the company added, and expressed confidence that the matter could be resolved quickly.

Elon Musk withdraws

Musk had surprisingly announced in the short message service Twitter in early August that he wanted to get his company off the fair. Financing was "secured", he wrote. In late August he returned: the whereabouts of the stock market is the "better way for Tesla & # 39 ;," wrote in a blog post.

After the first investigation was announced, the Tesla share declined by 3.6 percent on Tuesday afternoon (local time) to $ 284.26 (243.70 euro). In addition to the Department of Justice, the US Securities and Exchange Commission also deals with the Musk approach. It checks, among other things, whether the announcement on Twitter was legitimate or whether it should be done in a different way.

Tesla became public in 2010, Musk owns less than a fifth of the shares. He has, however, repeatedly harassed public trade with the practices of the stock exchange world. (AFP)

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